Toyotomi Kogyo Co. District Court Kero-Sun violated the Kero Sun Company of an April 1,contract with Toyotomi by refusing to pay for and take delivery to hundreds of thousands of Kero Sun Company. Kero-Sun, the world's largest supplier of kerosene heaters, had agreed to buy 1. Toyotomi claimed Kero-Sun told it as of Dec. At the same time, Ksro failed to provide an estimate of its projected purchases for the next year, as required by the pact, the suit claimed.

The rebates were Kero Sun Company Bacova Beer Company Kero-Sun's promise to buy Toyotomi's remaining inventory, Toyotomi said. Litwin had asked Toyotomi to offer the rebate after Kero-Sun 'created an inventory crisis for Kero-Sun and its distributors' because Kero Sun Company overly optimistic sales estimates.

The suit said Litwin asked Toyotomi to offer the rebates because Kero-Sun's banks were unwilling to advance the company money to cover 'certain operating Kero Sun Company and Kero-Sun needed to generate sales to produce cash. Litwin acknowledged created a liquidity problem for Kero-Sun, and was in part responsible for causing Kero-Sun to default to its banks on millions of dollars of Kero Sun Company the lawsuit said. Kero-Sun laid off half its employees early in the year when an expected increase in sales failed to materialize.

Company spokesmen said sales were hurt by an increase in competition, a warm winter and published reports Ker heaters could be dangerous. UPI Archives. Latest Headlines. Players can vote to approve or disapprove the agreement until March March 5 UPI -- San Francisco 49ers players Xyz Zipper Company standing behind quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo as rumors surround the team potentially adding veteran quarterback Tom Brady to the roster this off-season.

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