When first generation entrepreneur Shraddha Kerfs Company laced her kerchief with vapour rub to seek relief from a persisting cold, her jugaad gave birth to a thought as to what if handkerchiefs could be medicated?

Or for that matter scented? A chat with her colleague Vaishali Wagh brought to light another hard truth. Do we Kerfs Company know what brand of handkerchief we use?

Is there really Kerfs Company dedicated handkerchief brand? The idea of creating a branded handkerchief that would revolutionize the way a humble hanky was seen, bought and used thus Kerfs Company the genesis of KERFS. A catchy and contemporary brand name, a signature pyramid box packaging and innovations designed to make people aspire for a premium handkerchief. These handkerchiefs are easy on the skin and offer a comfortable and secure feeling.

The herbs used in the handkerchief help in nourishing the skin as they contains vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. A specially created range of premium scented Jaya Shipping Company offer refreshing aromas like lemon grass, lime and cedar.

These fragrances are long lasting and remain intact even after multiple washes. Women Empowerment.


• KERFS is a manifestation of the coming of age of the humble hanky. • To start with KERFS intends to enter the market with these categories of products. ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-MICROBIAL KERCHIEFS. MEDICATED AYURVEDIC KERCHIEFS. AROMA KERCHIEFS.…

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