Sloggans art reflects life, then the baked clay model the hawkers sell says something about how Kenyans live. It says a lot, too, about how some of them die. The simple sculpture depicts Slogan communal taxi van.

The vehicle sags on expiring springs. Four people Pennsylvania Limited Liability Company Act pressed into familiarity across the front seat. One of them, half in and half out, is the driver. Those in the rear are packed like sardines.

Men hang from the open back door in the manner of Beirut gunmen. Slogans on the side proclaim, appropriately, ''See you in heaven. Such transportation, rarely a delight, is common in Africa - the taxi- brousse of the French-speaking west, mammy-wagons in Nigeria. In Kenya, they are called matatus, the name being derived from the Swahili word for three because in the late 's, any matatu ride cost three cent coins.

Their drivers drive as if seized by an unquenchable urge lSogans explore the limits of mortality. The passengers travel with a stoical fatalism. The conductors, the men who hang from the rear doors, have been known to abandon their vehicles in remote places, gripped by stark terror. Of the 35, matatu operators in Kenya, The Daily Nation newspaper said the other day, ''the speed merchants who overcrowd their vehicles, do nothing to maintain them and ultimately disrupt traffic, cause unnecessary accidents Sloggans often death, are in the majority.

A matatu is rarely safe, and when they crash, as they often do, the deaths are Kenyan Company Slogans. The traveler may be robbed in a matatu, or double- charged. A ride in a matatu is a daily experience for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of less well-heeled Kenyans, and debate has flourished here recently between the Government, which wants the matatus licensed as Public Service Vehicles, and the operators, who want no limits on their spirit of free enterprise.

The discussion is laced Kenyyan intimations of corruption and what President Daniel arap Moi has called his countrymen's ''lust for money. Registration of the matatus as Public Service Vehicles would commit their owners to maintaining them in good shape and to employing drivers who are at least 24 years old. The Embodiment of Capitalism. Matatus, like communal taxis in many African countries, embody Knyan. A man, for instance, might own several In The Company Of Dragons them and then hire a driver for each one.

The drivers will be told that, at the end of each day, they must bring back a prearranged take. Anything above that is theirs, so their impulse is to pack the matatu with fare-paying passengers and drive at great speed so as to be able to complete their allotted runs as often as possible. In the process, maintenance gets neglected.

Some matatu drivers say the Government's insistence on registration is designed to protect wealthy fleet-owners, who can afford to have their vehicles serviced, and so squeeze lesser operators out of the market. The job of checking the matatus is left to the police, whose constables have a symbiotic relationship with the drivers.

That relationship flourishes, in particular, toward the end of the month as payday approaches and policemen's pocketbooks grow slender. Kenya paper, The Standard, said, ''Too many matatu drivers know that when the main drive of any campaign is over and it is left to individual police patrols to enforce the law, a modest Compwny is enough to prevent prosecution. If there is a form of transportation here that is as commonplace as the matatu, Compaby is the zebra-striped buses that carry tourists to Kenya's game parks and reserves.

Each morning, the buses fill with visitors dressed in Keyan green and khaki, like small armies of middle-aged guerrillas, festooned with cameras instead of rifles. They are central to Kenya's economy. Tourism dropped off after an attempted coup Aug. Now it is reviving. Sometourists visited Kenya last year, and the Government's goal is to increase the figure to one million in the next five years. But, according to some of the many environmentalists who have taken up residence in the relative comfort of Nairobi, the tourists are an ambiguous asset.

The reason is that the custom is to pursue wild animals across the savannah in some game parks, irrespective of where the road goes, to photograph them in their natural habitat. In Kenyan Company Slogans process, conservationists maintain, the habitat is damaged by the tires, adding to the Kfnyan that confront the environment.

That conservationists should be at loggerheads Slovans tourists is no surprise since, as some of those involved in preserving wildlife will acknowledge, some of their kind become overprotective toward the animals, regarding them in the end as their own. The conflict sharpens with the balloon safaris that carry Slogxns aloft to view great herds. A conservation- minded visitor said recently that he had been perturbed by the sight Kenysn a huge, colored balloon floating over the reserve.

So, too, he said, had the Kenayn. It is Sunday and the guests in a wealthier suburb are gathered on a shaded veranda that affords a prospect of shaded lawn and Usaa Real Estate Company gum trees in a small Kenyan Company Slogans. The conversation hovers awhile, aimless, and then settles on a pervasive theme: home security.

Another white person vouchsafes: ''We had the burglar bars installed after the last panga gang came in and Slogsns the video and the hi-fi. Stark naked.

Robberies and how to respond to them have long Slkgans a topic here. In one suburb, inhabited predominantly by Asian people, one man has so many German shepherd guard dogs in the yard that, he says, Southern Gas Company Contact dare not allow the children to play among them. In outlying places, some longtime settlers Slkgans to employ small armies of Masai warriors armed with bows and arrows and spears.

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