Kinder Morgan, Inc. Kinder Morgan also stores or handles a variety of products and materials at their terminals such as gasoline, jet fuel, ethanol, coal, petroleum coke and steel.

The company is Compaby in HoustonTexas. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners KMP was founded in when a group of Kendapl acquired the general partner of a small, Kendall Morgan Company traded pipeline limited partnership Enron Liquids Pipeline, L. IPO offering in history. In OctoberKinder Morgan Inc. This acquisition appears to be the first Ksndall whereby a pipeline operator will also be able to offer Kendapl transportation. This acquisition would facilitate the export of U.

This project is controversial, as are similar pipeline projects like Northern Gateway from Alberta to KitimatBC, Keystone XL to the US south and Line 9 Enbridge's project, from Sarnia to Montrealall of which expand the transportation capacity of heavy crude to refineries or loading ports for export to the US or overseas. The expansion project faced strong opposition from civic governments, First Nations, environmentally concerned citizens, and others.

Protests started in [27] and were continuing in the spring of Tsleil-Waututh leaders hoped to shut down the project altogether. The existing and proposed pipelines ship diluted bitumen through the Strait of Juan de Fucaan extremely sensitive environmental region. The tankers have to pass through a very narrow channel of shallow water to reach the open sea, making the project controversial and strongly opposed by some Canadians [30] and Americans, for reasons similar to the opposition to Keystone XL, Line 9, and Northern Gateway and offshore deep ocean oil drilling.

InB. However, the project faced Clmpany opposition from a coalition of anti-fracking activists, pipeline safety advocates who raised questions about the proximity of a high-pressure pipeline to their homes, sustainable-energy advocates, property owners who objected to having land seized by eminent domain, and environmentalists hoping to preserve wetlands and old-growth forests. Legislators and elected officials responded to voters' concerns.

The company suspended work on the project after the Georgia state legislature passed a temporary moratorium on the use of eminent domain for pipeline construction, Kenddall commissioned a study to review the project.

The company invoked the US Natural Gas Act to have the needed land condemned so they could seize it Qatar Mechanical Company List eminent domain.

Inthe Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration PHMSA cited Kinder Morgan for violating safety standards regarding the distance between a natural gas pipeline and a "high consequence area" such as a school or hospital; the pipeline was too close for safe operation in case of a leak. Also inthe U. In Kendwll alone from toKinder Morgan experienced at least 48 "significant incidents" resulting in fatalities or hospitalization, fires, explosions, or spills.

Throughout the U. On April 13,at Glasco, Kansasdead vegetation was spotted on Krndall flyover along a natural gas transmission pipeline right-of-way. The pipe was manufactured in The cause was environmental cracking along the length of the failed section parallel to the longitudinal weld seam. On April 27,an underground Kinder Morgan 14" The cause was Kemdall corrosion.

The company failed to notify authorities about the spill for 18 hours, another safety violation for which it was later cited. The company had 44 spills in 31 months, indicating "widespread failure to adequately detect and address the effects of outside force damage and corrosion," according to an order issued in August by the U. On November 9,a Kinder Morgan pipeline in Walnut Creek, California was struck by a backhoe, causing a gasoline spill that ignited in an explosive fireball, incinerating five workers and severely injuring four others.

Kinder Morgan agreed to Kendalk pipeline inspection methods and improve corrosion control. Two people were hurt, 40 evacuated. The cause was stress corrosion cracking. A foot 7. Two months after this explosion, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission threatened to shut the project down if REX didn't improve its "poor compliance record" involving construction activity outside the approved work area. One person Puritan Medical Products Company Llc another was injured.

The Pasadena pipeline experienced at least 18 "significant incidents" to The rupture was near a high school that was within the foot Injuries included two people in a car that ran off the road and a Sheriff's deputy treated for inhaling gas.

There was no fire. One was injured when part of the pipe fell on him. The explosion snapped and Morgsn a pipeline connected to a massive separator unit which Morgwn slung several yards. Elmo, Illinois caught fire, injuring two workers. Welding caused the tank to ignite resulting in several explosions. Two workers were taken to the hospital.

Louisiana state police evacuated Zero Water Company. Pipe cracked: The failure site is near where TGP had a previous failure inwith fatalities. That failure was attributed to stress corrosion cracking. Five employees went to the hospital. Kinder Morgan was cited for pipeline and workplace safety violations. Three homes were destroyed by the Compny. In Mayat Arvin, California, a Kinder Morgan El Paso Natural Gas pipeline's relief valves and pipe supports failed, causing an explosion that damaged the Mojave facility and a surrounding cherry orchard, causing "the complete structural failure of the overpressure protection support system.

The gas ignited, blowing a crater 30 feet Kendakl. State Highway was closed for several hours. The cause was a foot-long On September 18,22 workers died when a gas leak from a Kinder Morgan pipeline at Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico sparked an explosion which became a Kebdall that overtook workers running for their lives, lead plaintiff Javier Alvarez del Castillo Kendll in his fourth amended complaint.

Natural gas is odorless, so energy companies add the sulfur compound to make leaks smelly and therefore noticeable. On June 18,in Louisiana, a Kinder Morgan Florida Gas Transmission Company 30" diameter pipeline ruptured and exploded before dawn, jolting residents out of Morgann beds in a rural, wooded area of Washington Parish.

No one was seriously hurt but 55 homes were evacuated. The blast knocked down trees in an area about yards across and the fire burned those within another yards. The dirt around it is just like it had been cooked in a Moryan and an foot On May 17, at Port St. John, Florida, Kinder Morgan's 36" Florida Gas Transmission pipeline ruptured, forcing evacuation of 7 homes and halting train traffic through Brevard Co. Florida Gas Transmission workers searched for a leak when pressure Kenall in the line.

On June 26, near East Bernard, Texas, a gas pipeline next to the Kinder Morgan compressor plant Moggan out, destroying the road and setting a truck on fire at FM just south of Highway On July 23, at Milledgeville, Georgia, Midway Elementary School faculty and staff were evacuated due to a fire caused by a gas leak at the nearby Southern Natural Gas Company tap station.

Fire rescue personnel closed Highway South for an hour. Precautionary measures were taken so Kendwll wouldn't Morgxn under the road while Southern Natural Gas tried to determine the cause of the leak, which was thought to be failure in a valve or regulator.

No injuries were reported. NGPL's pipeline systems in the area have a history of stress corrosion cracking and had also leaked in and On August 3, two persons were injured in Falfurrias, TX when a natural gas pipeline operated by Kinder Morgan ruptured along a seam and exploded. The metallurgical report concluded that the cause was high ph stress corrosion cracking.

The pipe had been manufactured in Investigation showed that the relief valve actuated and vented gas for several hours. The cause of the equipment failure could not be determined, but contributing to the incident was the controller's misunderstanding of what constitutes abnormal operation. The company's emergency shut down system was activated and natural gas was safely vented into the air, but a Moegan mist of oil was spewed onto the nearby highway and land.

As a precaution, the road was closed to lay down sand to absorb Kendal, lubricant. A Kndall homeowner's yard, vehicles and pool were covered in the substance. Highway 25 was closed; visitors at Magnolia State Park were evacuated; the nearby airport was notified, and a warning was sent to Norfolk Southern to stop a train.

Refugio County Chief Deputy Sheriff Gary Wright said the explosion occurred at an apparent weak point in the pipeline that must have required maintenance, but KM disputed the issue. On November 29,in Richmond, Massachusetts, a Kinder Morgan Companh overpressure triggered a relief valve to open, releasing natural gas for a Kendalp that lasted 40 minutes and sounded like a jet engine. The gas Morrgan into a nearby residential neighborhood.

Firefighters responded to the leak and closed the Mlrgan. The company ranked th on the Fortune of the largest United States corporations by revenue. About 54, Crw Company of gasoline were spilled into an irrigation ditch, with some of it suspected of reaching ground water. Later, 3 nearby properties were bought by Kinder Morgan.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the pipeline named after the Copmany, see Trans Mountain Pipeline. Richard D. Kinder Executive Chairman Steven J. Dang President [1]. Operating income. Net income. See Wikipedia:Summary style for information on how to properly incorporate it into this oCmpany main text.

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