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Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. The company was biased, bigoted, and rude. I did not enjoy my time there and would not recommend this location for a job. It was pretty awful overall. A lot of Hispanics on the line Inheritance Funding Company. Could be tiring.

Decent amount of overtime. Fast paced. Worst place to work hands down. Management is a thuggish environment. Expect a 12 hrs mandatory shift, poor conditions at work. Benefits only exist on paper but not in reality. You have to give 2 weeks notice for a single day off. New employees get the worst available shifts. You do t have a specific position there positions shifts and rates. Yes No 1. During my 28 years of employment at Kenall a very good benefit was the fact that I was always able to accomplish a steady 40 hour work week along with occasional overtime during the weekend which was always a plus.

Do you enjoy working at your company? Every work experience is unique. Tell us about yours. Rate your employer. Ok to gain experience except that they can't understand how to keep hard working individuals, management turnover rate was even very high. Make good products Kenall Manufacturing Company like the industry, but they're very cheap and can't seem how to keep hard workers.

Rather have a quantity of cheaply paid workers that barely do anything rather than pay hard workers I guess Too bad.

Nice lunch room with vending. Only 1 sick day a year and an attendance point policy that takes a full year to get the point back. Fast paced job with plenty of overtime. I like working here because you have different fixtures to build each day so that you never get tired of doing the Kenall Manufacturing Company thing. They have plenty of overtime which is always a plus for me.

Lots of overtime. Not enough breaks. Yes 1 No 1. I had a excellent work experience i hated i had to quite. I wasn't in the company long enough to qualify for maternity leave. I learned to use powder base coat painting. Yes 1 No. Learning new products, computer bar codes, using power tools and drills. Quarterly meetings, customer tours, people helping each other. Celebrate summer activities birthdays and enjoying the work environment. Good Employee perks. Productive place to work lots of work all the time.

There was a lot of overtime offered so that was always nice. The main focus at kenall was getting orders out the door. Not enough things discussed at meetings. Last minute notice of overtime. Learned how complicated the light fixture can be. Hard part of the job was the changes from a light fixture to another one.

Poor management. Free lunches. Short brakes. A typical day at Kenall was fast-paced. I learned the product Kenall manufactured and management was easy to work with. The workplace culture was very cooperative in handling any and all request of coworkers. The Kenall Manufacturing Company presented to the workforce pit the different departments against each other rather than being cohesive.

There is NO process and planning is never locked in. Pay Well. Poor Work Life Balance. Yes 3 No. Hardworking employees willing to work together to get a quality product out the door. Privately owned company with s Lagrange Cab Company feel located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Manufacturers of commercial lighting fixtures in LED and Fluorescent options.

I like working there but the people and the management did not care about the worker. But other then that its a good place to work. Yes No 2. Kenall is one of the worst place to work for supervisor don't do their jobs correctly. Their is to much favoritism. Work hours are never set. Company make to many promise's that they can't keep. Yes 2 No. This company has grown out of asquare foot building and moved in to a building nearly double its size.

It is a very successful company that at times struggles with management and locating inventory. A typical day for me at work would World Biggest Asset Management Company unloading and receiving daily inventory into the system. Assisting in the location of missing parts and helping to complete past due orders, communicating with purchasing when problems arise, and training new employees in material handling and forklift operations.

The hardest part of the job would have been dealing with shipments that had missing parts, missing packing slips and other things of that nature. Free doughnuts every Wednesday, overtime, friendly work environment. Short breaks, somtimes having to work Saturday and Sundays. Overall the company is not a bad company to work for. Department managers are great. The manager knew when the department was bogged down and overworked and showed appreciation by getting the employees for after work gatherings to relax.

Co workers bonded well and they are there for each other. Thye only saw dollars and seemed to be stuck in the past way of doing things. Ideas didn't seem to be heard Kenall Manufacturing Company if there were changes, they would have been noticeable.

The company has grown but needs to grow in middle management. I believe this company Brave Management Company be something explosive if middle management wasn't there to micro manage each department and trust in the department managers. The managers are good people!

Kenall is a good company to work for. Great department manager.

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