However all things come to an end and the original line up of Ken Knox And Company, Curtis, Woods and Kennedy went their separate ways, some recording solo material and writing for others. Danny Woods whilst looking for talent to make up the group was in a bar in Detroit where Ken Knox and his band were performing and the two immediately hit it off and Ken Knox became a member of Chairman Of The Board.

The band was then initially made of the Funkadelics who were on a hiatus from George Clinton and Parliament. Ken Knox was born in in Charleston, West Virginia, one of nine children, six girls and Ginger Bonding Company Ken Knox And Company.

Kox family would leave like many others from the South for Detroit when he was three months old. Ken grew up surrounded by music, his friends singing on street corners, Motown, Junior Walker, King Curtis and Boots Randolph early influences but one major influence would be his brother Leonard who played saxophone. Another influence was his sister Betty Martin who was in a gospel Ken Knox And Company with Kim Weston. When he was 11 or 12 years of age he would pick up the sax himself and he eventually taught himself to play.

This led to Knox forming his own group and performing in clubs and bars around Detroit and subsequently the meeting with Woods in which finished up with Ken and his group dancing on the Kwn with Woods. The group would have a regional hit with Carolina Girl that was number one for 11 weeks. Ken would feature on vocals, saxophone, and drums. Ken would also be the Associate Producer in the studio.

The group would perform regularly around the Carolinas becoming firm favourites and eventually earning a place inn the North and South Carolina Music Halls of Fame. Johnson died in from lung cancer. NKox www.

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