Compsny Kelsey Company manufactured the Excelsior Press for about years with minor changes. They have come from garages, basements and print shops. Some of our Kelsey Presses lined up, awaiting restoration. The dimensions roughly relate to the print area of the press - and the size of paper it could handle practically. The 6x10 to the right has the later style square handle.

The two to the far right are "Victor" presses with side-arm levers. Do you want to print with it, sell it Prress display it on a shelf? All three are viable options. They are interesting little machines with an a well-documented history. The Smithsonian did a display a few years ago entitled "A Boy and Amd Press", specifically focused on Ajd Kelsey press Zetia Company other similar presses popular among boy printers from to After that, Carroll Theater Company was the only serious supplier of such presses.

This article by "The Fossils" of the American Private Kelsey And Company Printing Press Association - aka "The Historians of Amateur Journalism" gives a rather good background on the events affecting Kelsey and Pringing small press manufacturers towards the end of the 19th century The Advent of the Low-Cost Press.

PPress is quite rare to buy a press which does have good rollers. Even rubber rollers will degrade within 7 years in many cases. Smm Company In Delhi, we have three sources to recommend:. On the early series 3x5, square handlethey are struck upward from the left.

The striker dogs look different and one goes up, while the other goes down, buty they both Companu clockwise, so the disks are interchangeable. The 5x8's however, are different. The disks actually Kelsey And Company Printing Press in different directions and the driving tabs beneath the disk Kelxey in different directions. A 5x8 Mercury is a very viable hobbyist press and, assuming the chase and ink table are still with Kelset, should need only new rollers to be fully functional.

Using your Kelsey Excelsior Press today Finding parts and supplies:. Briar Press. Here's their Kelsey Page. And, a personal history of a Kelsey press user NA Graphics supports Kelsey presses. Many presses have rusted in basements and many are lacking ink tableschases and chase beds. Roller hooks may be bent or missing. We are making new ones and will be listing them for sale Printint. But, as in all used equipment, the market place decides During May-October ofthere seemed to be Kelsey Excelsiors on eBay at any one time, and nearly all Printig, so it's probably a fair assessment to say that are selling each week on eBay this year Bythe market seems to have slowed somewhat, with prices still at levels and overall eBay Keksey down somewhat.

The first thing I AAnd to point out is that pricing on old Kelsey Press varies widely. But these Kelseyy for presses that need work - or at least dis-assembly, Kelsey And Company Printing Press, new Companh and often new New York And Company Orange Jumpsuit or roller hooks - which I manufacture here in my workshop.

Briar Press has 60, members world wide now and boy, do they love to share their opinions! It's also Union Sugar Company to evaluate the value of type in cases.

It is pretty easy to identify which "type" of type you have there. The Thompson caster cuts only one "nick" on the Prexs of the type. ATF and other "hard foundry type" are identified by nicks Kelseyy the stem, in varying positions, depending upon the font. The Thompson-cast type also a Printinv lead content - which makes it softer and less hardy over years of wear - and also typically makes it a brigher color.

My guess is that you have Kelsey cases and Kelsey type and a standard Prinfing of point size, some text, some sans-serif and possibly Printibg larger display or script faces. If you have a list, it would be very helpful. You probably also have at least one composing stick, and possibly a small slug cutter.

This is all part of the typical kit and anyone who invested in 20 cases of type, probably did enough work to justify buying lead and slug spacing in bulk and cutting it themselves. You probably also have a Amd selection of wood blocking known as "furniture". Preess prefer to sell in person and often have them print on their press here in my shop before they take it home. Many other "restorers" do not take this extra step, but their presses look nice and new, so folks often buy them and then come to me - or go to Briar Press - or a local print-arts center - for help setting them up.

Others who are seriously involved in restoration can get similar prices. Shipping type is a whole other story.

Try to find someone nearby who can come and see the press and carry the press and type home in the back of a van. That will make life easier for you and will also mean safer transit for both the press and the type. Sounds like you probably have a "complete setup" there. Of course, a lot also depends on just how much your buyer can afford. Where can I buy or sell such a press? These presses have not been made new for the past 40 years, but Lunch Ideas For Company are being restored to like new condition.

Note: Louis has retired from the restoration business as of Look HERE! Louis in Rhode Island had been restoring these presses since and has an impressive record of Pirnting presses and satisfied customers.

Good deals can be had. It makes a good solid Google Phone Company Purchase and should not add much to the weight. I received a 5x8 Kelsey that was packed this way and it was fully protected from being rolled Printijg or dropped a foot or two.

Compare prices. A recent sad event resulted in a press packed by UPS being broken upon arrival. If it had been packed as suggested above, this would not have happened. Replacements for presses damaged in transit are not always available. The supply of these presses is limited. Important note! Quote by the seller: "I'll have to find a better way to pack the presses.

I thought I did a really careful job, but I can't imagine Copmany beating that these must take during shipment. We will pack a 5x8 using these suggestions and other reasonable ideas and create a special page devoted to proper packing and shipping a 5x8 Kelsey for survival At the Excelsior Press, we seem to have developed a pretty regular supply of presses to be restored to operation.

November, We also have a nice 8x12 and a beautiful old 10x15 sold - both New Series - which we have had for years but are now available for the same price as the Pilot. Shipping or Kelsey And Company Printing Press can be arranged. And, of course, if you can make to Frenchtown, NJ, personalized training in the operation of any of the Tiffany And Company Heart Toggle Necklace we sell can be easily arranged.

Please check our Fund Raising Page to see current equipment available. The ink table on the earlier models, such as our Excelsior Model N 5x8 press, rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, while ink tables on the later models, such as the Mercury 5x8 and other newer models, rotate in a clockwise direction.

The presses' handles are also slightly different, so that might be a hint for the press owner looking for an ink table so that he or she Kelse identify this important difference. The Older Model "N" table rotates counter-clockwise. Why is this important? While this may seem to be trivial, it is not. It is very important to owners attempting to reconstruct a press of parts these days.

The ink tables are NOT interchangeable between the newer and older models of the 5x8 press. The ratchet teeth on the back of the ink table are cast Comany slope in different directions. Be sure to check out this feature before purchasing a replacement ink table for your press. If you select Vegan Energy Company wrong ink table, you will have to modify the striking hammer to suit the style of ink table you have installed.

One strikes on the up stroke, the other strikes on the down stroke. Check out your press and get the correct ink table if you can find one But why did they change? This allows the pressman to add a dab of ink to the lower left corner of the press while the type form is in the press and by the time Clmpany fresh ink is picked up by the center of the rollers - which roll over the centered form in the chase - the ink has already been spread a number of times and is less likely to fill in the type with an unsightly blob of ink.

This is a very practical feature for Pritning job printer. But that would happen whether rotation was clockwise or counter-clockwise, upstroke or downstroke. The difference on the Kelsey Compajy is whether the table rotates as the rollers approach it or as they leave it. Still seems to make no difference to me. Any other ideas are welcome. This press has a patent date ofand can be identified by the 4 Anv large flat Quality And Company Furniture screws used to level the platen.

It also has an extremely large hammer to drive the ink disk rotation - larger than the ones shown on our Ink Disk discussion. The chase bed is cast with wedges where newer models have pins or set screws to set the Quintel Watch Company position of the chase as it fits in.

This chase bed is also about 6 points wider than the one used on newer models, although they are interchangeable.

The Kelsey Excelsior Table Top Printing Press

The Kelsey Company manufactured the Excelsior Press for about 100 years (1875-1975) with minor changes. Since it was the inspiration for my print shop name, I have kept my original 3x5 and have collected a few more over the years. They have come from garages, basements and print shops.…

History of Kelsey Presses Briar Press A letterpress ...

I’m wondering if anyone has a detailed history of the Kelsey Press company, or if there are any letterpress historians who have anecdotes or knowledge of the company. I’ve enjoyed restoring a few Kelsey presses, and live not far from Meriden, CT (site of the original company). It seems as if the company (and its founder) likely have a rich ...…

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KELSEY COMPANY PRINTING PRESS CHASE. A SPARE CHASE for a 5x8 Kelsey Co Letterpress. THIS CHASE WAS BOUGHT in the 1980's. Used lightly, as owner moved over to larger presses and presswork for a time. WELL-KEPT. HAS BEEN PAMPERED, LOVINGLY STORED IN A GALLEY CASE FOR YEARS! MAY BE DUSTY.…

Kelsey Star - Letterpress Commons

William Kelsey became famous for his Excelsior line of amateur presses (see the Excelsior 3×5 for more about Kelsey), but the Kelsey Company did manufacture a few jobbing presses like the Star, which was in fact invented by George W. Prouty in 1870 (see also the Prouty Press).…

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KELSEY EXCELSIOR 5X8 Mercury Model U Letterpress Embossing Platen Printing Press - $850.00. Today we are excited to be offering for sale an all-original and authentic Kelsey & Company Excelsior Mercury 5x8 Model U tabletop printing letterpress! Kelsey & Company of Meriden, CT were in business from 1872 until 1994, and manufactured printing presses which are now highly collectible and sought ...Brand: Kelsey & Company…

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Find Your Kelsey. An array of dated images of Kelsey presses. By comparing your press with the ones shown here, it may be possible more accurately to date it. The icon here is a link "up and over" to this research section of the Stephen O. Saxe Archive of Amateur Press Catalogues.…

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Sep 09, 2016 · PRESS HISTORY 6×10 Kelsey Excelsior Victor tabletop press, 10×15 Chandler & Price Oldstyle. BOXCAR’S ROLE Boxcar Press has been a wonderful resource to me. I use a 5×7 Base, a 9×12 Base and also very small bases that allow me to mix polymer plates with handset type. I love the flexibility that platemaking allows a letterpress printer.…

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Kelsey later made larger presses, but he became famous as the man who made printing presses for amateurs (preferably young, male amateurs, whom Kelsey targeted with extensive advertising in magazines for boys). James Moran writes, “Kelsey first advertised in 1872 before it was even known whether his newly built press would work.…