Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 29 reviews matching the search. Can be a very busy and stressful environment if you are not organized and prepared everyday. There are a lot of good people to work around and everyone generally cares about accomplishing the daily goals safely.

Was this review helpful? Yes No 1. Share Tweet. Copy link. I am not happy working here and we Comapny not compensated fairly. The hardest part of the position is the long hours and unequal pay. Yes 1 No. You will probably work 12 hours a day once you become qualified on equipment. Yes 3 No 1. Great place.

You just work 12 hours everyday. You sometimes get Sunday off because everybody else just wants doublepay for Omahz sunday. Paid overtime and doubletime pay. Yes 4 No 1. If you want to have money work here. If you want any sort of outside life.

They change shifts on you week by week. All the higher ups look down on you. Incompetent supervisors. Yes 13 No. Would you recommend working at your company? Help people considering your employer make a good choice. Zero work life balance with terrible management. This company let the union urinate in their product and did absolutely nothing about it.

There is a very mutual sweep it under the rug mentality when it comes to issues involving the hourly. There is no work life balance. This is at 40k a year salaries as well. Do yourself a favor and do not even apply. Yes 7 No. Was ok ten years ago but very poorly manage now. The way they bring people in now and as transitional is so unfair if they need the people hire them and treat them fairly They need to stop and think about the people they are the ones that make the money Compan them treat them fairly and listen to what's going on just because your book smart that doesn't replace experience.

Good benefits. Not treated fairly in wages or jobs. Yes 9 No. On a daily basis I work with the floor mechanics to trouble shoot issues that arise with the equipment on the floor. I then work with our vendors to get in the necessary parts needed to fix the machinery.

Yes 4 No 2. I was contracted to validate new NIR instruments for moisture analysis. Compqny was a challenging environment to work in which taught me a lot about very extreme work environments. Many locations to choose from. Yes 2 No 1. Busy days Cmpany days a Kellogg Company Omaha Ne with few days off All City Cab Company the compensation made it worthwhile.

It was a strong union environment but worked well with frontline leadership. Yes No 3. Very independent work that allows for being able to get projects and the job done on your own.

Some sales goals were not achievable, however, and therefore significantly lowered take-home pay. Yes No. I was a seasonal who was responsible for assisting in the processing, packing, and sanitation department of the plan. I would work with the supervisors to make sure all tasks were being filled so production would not slow down.

Yes 2 No. Management is a revolving door. Safety is a joke. Dirty conditions. Not a Great place. The culture is Toxic. No longer a proud employee and family oriented company. Its all about cutting corners. Union Shop. Yes 10 Kelogg 2. Kellogg's was the best job I ever had by far. Good benefits, good work environment, great pay and the people were like family. Hourly and management worked well together.

If it wasn't for the recession I'd still be there. Catered lunches, clean enviroment and easy going people to work with. Long hours. Yes 1 No 3. Kellogg still remains one of best places to work. Learned to work as a team player,learned numorus jobs in processing of food,packing of food and shipping of product Kellogg Company Omaha Ne the door. Also spent time on the training program. Can make whole lot of money! Spend lots of time their. Yes 4 No 3. If you're willing to sell your soul for good money then this is your place.

The money was great, expectually for the type of work X Company Season 3 Episode 3 needed to be done, but the facts are this. The toxic environment will provide you with incompetent supervisors, gossiping co-workers, and a union who only looks out for the "good ole boys".

Don't waste your time believing you'll become full time any soon. There agenda is to push out the full timers to bring in workers at a lower wage. So good luck to anyone who wants to Companh for the devils kitchen. Money, Benefits, discounts - if you Ctz Company a employee under the old contract.

Yes 11 No. A fast paced manufacturing enviroment providing continual opportunities to grow. Also, providing on-call support for after hours. Yes 3 No 9. Great team of guys to work with and good flexible hours and great pay. Work is typically a meeting in the beginning and then job assignments. Usually, its a certain area that only certain teams Compan do, like the cylos on the roof. But i usually did the ovens or the Kelloggg waste feed shed, which is a tough job for three people on average. I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great people and they taught me things ive used on and off the job, and even in recent life experiences.