Both companies employ a vertically integrated Conpany, offering end-to-end building services enhanced by offsite manufacturing and enterprise technology. In addition to addressing housing needs, KEF Katerra will be actively engaged in building critical infrastructure such as hospitals and schools.

The industry-leading expert in Electrolux Company Address made products such as pre-cast concrete, prefabricated bathroom pods, joinery and furniture and aluminum and glazing facades for the Indian and Middle East markets, KEF Infra has 1, employees and factories in Krishnagiri, Krishnagri Nadu and Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in India.

With the merger, Katerra will bring world-class pre-cast concrete technologies to the U. After the merger, there will be 20 offices worldwide and 3, employees. Katerra is Kef Company In Krishnagiri technology company optimizing every aspect of building development, design and construction.

Founded inKaterra has a growing number of domestic and international offices, factories and building projects. The company is a technology-driven building manufacturing company that is dedicated to transforming the way that buildings and basic services are created and delivered in India by revolutionizing production, using world-class Kef Company In Krishnagiri.

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KEF Infra and Katerra Join Hands Katerra

Jun 21, 2018 · Katerra, a technology company revolutionizing the design and construction industries, and KEF Infra, an offsite manufacturing technology specialist, announced a merger today that will jointly expand their geographic reach, manufacturing capacity, and market expertise. Known as KEF Katerra, it will operate in the India and the Middle East markets.…

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We can improve on time and costs, create a new generation of skilled jobs, and modernize an industry that’s important to our social fabric and the planet. Michael Marks, Katerra Co-Founder + CEO…