Being a dog parent is amazing. Adding a second dog to your family is a big decision—and you want to make sure you and your pup! But how, exactly, do you know whether getting another dog is the right move for your family? Some potential cons of getting a second dog include:. Understanding the pros and cons of getting a second dog is important.

Like we mentioned earlier, twice the dogs means twice the cost. Do you have enough money to cover food, medical bills, and training for two dogs? Are you willing to cut back in other areas Keep My Puppy Company eating out or going out to the movies to free up budget to care for your new pup?

Being a dog parent takes a lot of time and energy. But being a dog parent to two pups? Adding a new dog to the family is an adjustment. And both your current dog and Keep My Puppy Company new dog will need plenty of love, time, and attention to make that transition a smooth one. Before you add another dog into the mix, you need to make sure you have the space to accommodate them. Is your home big enough for two dogs to share space without being on top of each other? Is your car large enough to transport both pups safely and comfortably?

If your dog likes to cuddle in your bed, do you have space by your Temple Bottling Company Dr Pepper for another pup? Two dogs require a lot of space—so much sure you have it before you get another dog. There are so many dogs out there that need a loving home. Sign up for our BarkPost newsletter! Poochas gracias! You are now pupscribed. Deanna deBara Writer. Table of Contents. Sign Me Up.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained While You're Away ...

Many pet parents have full-time jobs and other obligations that keep them away from the house for extended periods of time, which is simply a part of everyday life. However, pet parents should take caution in leaving their pet’s home all day. The length at which you should leave your dog at home is a matter of the individual dog.…