Offering a one stop service to our clients, KBC undertakes feasibility studies, detailed final designs and construction of specialist foundation and tunnel works with our fleet of modern construction plant and experienced team.

KBC's success stems from the experiencecapability and quality of its employees and their market position is maintained through innovation, Funny Company Names management and a great emphasis on value engineering and safety.

Modern well equipped offices are often highlighted as the face of a company. However, given the nature of the specialist contracting field in which KBC operates, perhaps of even greater importance is a company's ability to maintain its fleet of plant and equipment in reliable working order.

In this respect KBC maintains maintenance depots of some 20, square meters incorporating mechanical and electrical workshops, steel fabrication and machining facilities and Kbc Company Kuwait comprehensive computer managed spare parts and consumables stores. KBC operates on modern principles of Quality Assurance in its practices and processes from the daily functions of its senior management right through to the handing over of a site to a client.

Dasman, Abdullah Al Ahmad Street. Doha Swro Desalination Plant. Al Ghouse Road. All Kbc Company Kuwait Reserved.

Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange Company KSC

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