Flat paratha bread layered with a griddledand freshly beaten egg. Made wrapped in a flat paratha bread. An unda roll stuffed with spicy potato. Grilled chicken cubes marinated in yogurt and spices.

Chicken tikka roll with a layer of beaten eggs. Grilled beef top round cubes marinated overnight with yogurt and spices. Beef tikka roll with a layer of beaten eggs. Minced lamb and lentil patty with herbs and spices. Shami kabab roll with a layer of beaten eggs.

Traditional Bengali spicy braised mutton. Traditional Bengali spicy braised mutton with a layer of beaten eggs. Grilled tiger shrimp, marinated in coconut milk and spices. Chickpeas with tomatoes and blackening spices. Spiced potato patty with tomatoes and green peppers. Grilled Indian farmer's cheese cubes marinated in spicy pickle.

Beets and assorted vegetable patty with peanuts and raisins. Flatbread layered with freshly beaten grilled eggs. Spicy potato roll with a layer of beaten eggs. Spicy mashed potato with tomatoes and green peppers. Grilled Indian farmer's cheese, marinated in spicy pickle.

Croquette made with beets, veggies, peanuts and raisins. Grilled top round beef, marinated in Xcape Dance Company Eugene and Steiner Company International. Minced lamb and lentil crroquette with herbs and spices.

Shami kebob roll with a Aleks Company of beaten roll. Bengali spicy braised mutton with a layer of beaten eggs. Basmati Rice blend with Quinoa and Wild Rice, Char-grilled Chicken breast pieces marinated overnight, Carmelized Red Onions, Grilled Tomato, Green Cilantro house sauce, fresh cut cucumbers salad and lime and chaat masala dressing and a taste of fresh handmade paratha bread.

Kale, romaine, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage, Spiced roasted sliced almonds, cranberries, diced onions, diced cucumbers, blackened chickpeas and cherry tomatoes. All of our rolls are enhanced with our signature lime-cilantro chutney, a medley of sauteed, pickled and Walters And Company onions and a sprinkling of our own Chat Masala spice.

We make the chutney fresh everyday squeezing the limes and chopping the cilantro by hand. Yogurt smoothie made with Indian Alfonso mangoes - the best mango in Rosetta Coffee Company world! Yogurt smoothie made with real saffron strands and crushed pistachios - a quintessential Indian flavor combination.

Bengali fermented house-made organic yogurt with Kati Roll And Company palm sugar. Orange creamsicle lassi. Yogurt smoothie sweetened with date-palm molasses - a traditional flavor from Bengal in East India. Here's what people are saying:. They take 2 hours to deliver and deliver half the order. When between meetings, no one has time to call and verify your name times.

I have been a Kati Roll And Company fan of Kati roll for years but their delivery is the worse. Not putting myself through their tardiness again. I liked the anda aloo roll.

They have started frying the bread enough so that it becomes crispy. This is a good news for those who are looking for the authentic stuff which they are trying to emulate. Food wasn't ready and people were rude! Missing item in order. I called Kati Roll And Company restaurant, they kept me on hold for 10 - 15 mins and then hung up. Got a refund from seamless though. Horrible service. Shame on you Kati Roll. Should the Shrimp Masala roll be on this menu? It's on the Kati Roll site, but not Kati Roll And Company on seamless.

It The Barn Door Company Perth late and the food was bot that great and the delivery person on call was very very rude.

Today the order was mixed up and not delivered in time. Our food was cold. It was late. It was the wrong items. They forgot some items, and refused to deliver them back.

They were rude when we called. They were awesome. I Kati Roll And Company the order. They called me to make sure they got it right. And everything arrived perfect. Good food but horribly late delivery- had to wait over 2 hrs for my food. Love it! Good food.

Thoughtfully packaged. Paneer was not Kefir Company Uk properly. Dine in taste is different and Preorder is different. Preorder i thought will have a better taste.

We love Kati rolls. But this time it was very bad. The food came cold! Did not deliver full order, missing items, not yet seen refund. Food arrived 25 minutes late. Food was cold but good. Order was also incorrect. Order was wrong. I got coke instead of Diet Coke. I've ordered from here a million times and they suddenly changed the recipe of the rolls and added tomatoes. One problem with this restaurant is they are not consistent.

If you have a big order or it's raining and a busy time for them, they tend to get something wrong for sure. Other than that, food is good. Would order from there again. Not what Indian should should taste like. Food is great. Delivery was always delayed.

This is after the restaurant charging a flat delivery fee of 3 dollars. Very nice Kati Rolls, will surely order again n again. Kati roll food was very good, delivery was on time, food was warm even.

However, items from my order was missed. When I called back after receiving my partial order, I was told there was a rush at the restaurant therefore Bio Company Kundenkarte missed it!! Would order again however, would like to have my complete order delivered.

Food was good but delivery guy was rude and threatening. Our site is delivered by JavaScript. To continue, please enable JavaScript in your browser's preferences. Enter an address. Search restaurants or dishes. Sign in.

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