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Kate can visibly change Kate Somerville Parent Company skin through products that can be life-changing. Her Paernt are Skin Changers that provide a visible skin transformation, formulated with highly-functional active ingredients at optimized levels for maximum efficacy, balanced with soothing botanicals to reduce any Kate Somerville Parent Company sensitivity concerns.

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Is Kate Somerville Cruelty Free? See what they told me!

Nov 02, 2017 · Would you mind answering in-depth, please? Is Kate Somerville cruelty free? Are the finished products tested on animals by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company? Are the products tested on animals during the production process by the company, a parent company, a third party or an affiliate company?…

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It is a dual-listed company consisting of Unilever N.V., based in Rotterdam, and Unilever plc, based in London. Unilever was founded on September 2, 1929, by the merger of the Dutch margarine producer Margarine Unie and the British soapmaker Lever Brothers.Headquarters: Unilever House, London, UK, Rotterdam, ……