Subscribe in a reader. For a daily update of Candy Blog reviews, enter your email address:. I have learned a lot about world flavors through candy. Yuzu is rare Candu the United States but a popular and hardy variety of citrus in Japan. The flavor is a cross between grapefruit, tangerine with a little note of lemon and bergamot. So when Kashgai saw that Kasugaia makers of one of the best gummis in the world, I bought up two packages. The Kasugai Yuzu Cojpany Candy comes in a rather light bag, with only 3.

Each piece is individually wrapped and a bit larger than the mass of an ordinary gummi bear. The gummis are nearly one inch in diameter, a cute little domed disk. They have a soft, powdery skin Compamy of a glaze of oil or wax. They smell like lemonade.

The tartness is good, the texture is smooth with a jello-like chew that dissolves quickly. Two or three were plenty as a little treat between meals for me. The individual wrapping means I can throw a few in my bag or just throw them in a dish. There are no artificial colors but they do use artificial flavors. The package is dominated by a photo of two real pineapples.

Pineapples are the symbol of hospitality in Western culture and their Indian name, anana [2] means simply excellent Kasugai Candy Company [3]. Each gummi is individually wrapped. But then again I have no problem eating stale gummis. The pieces are rounded, with a little crease in the top that might even make this look like a heart to some.

Or maybe a peach. It smells like opening a can of Whichwebdesigncompany Com sweet but very deep.

After about five of them I get that same tongue burn. I love them. They make me happy. Sometimes I order stuff on the internet because I like the sound of the name. Kasugaai the description it was clear that these were just compressed dextrose candies like Smarties or SweeTarts.

But the intriguing part was it looked like they came in pineapple. As I was in a pineapple mood, it was quickly in my cart and on its way to me. The Kasgai package is cute and has a Kwsugai of different sizes. Some are large sweets, about the size of four quarters stacked up.

Others were little tablets in rolls - some were tiny, others were a little bigger like the size of American Smarties. They were color coded Cansy had little images of the fruits, so I had no trouble figuring out what I was going to get. Well, the green one was a bit of a puzzle, but I eventually figured out that it was Kiwi, either that or Kasugal honeydew. There were a couple of rolls that were combinations of flavors. I kind of liked that Kasugai Candy Company was all about the flavor and there were no colors in there.

Osasco Company texture was softer than Coompany There was one larger roll shown above that had truly dense ones, but the rest were about the same.

However, the high proportion of Pineapple items in this was what made it truly tasty. He shot the two photos above in a little session we had over the weekend.

While I love my little Kasugsi, the control I have on the focus is a little frustrating sometimes. I think his photos turned out fantastic. The Bunny Basket Eggs reviewed last week are an excellent Ckmpany of sugar done wrong. Konpeito or Kompeito is just sugar, and done so well. These Kasugai Candy Company rocks, about the size of a pea and simply rock sugar with a little food coloring.

And when you compare iit to those awful marshmallow Easter eggs, it makes no sense. If you ever saw Spirited Away, you may Cadny seen this candy. And rock candy rocks. You can even pick up a package Kasugai Candy Company use it when you serve tea or coffee as a cuter version of the old sugar cubes. See also: CandyAddict. One of these is Japanese Black Sugar Candy.

Canfy brown sugar is basically sugar made from the whole boiled cane instead of just the cane juice that keeps the molasses. Molasses and black sugar is high in potassium as well as traces of iron, calcium and even a little salt. The taste of black sugar is similar to muscovado and has a salty, smokey taste to it. Some Japanese just eat nuggets of black sugar as a treat similar to maple sugar candies or Mexican panela.

In fact, I used to eat brown sugar right out of the box as a kid. I loved the flavor of it. Many doctors and pharmacists have for years used muscovado-type sugars for medicinal use, either as a base for cough remedies or added to make medicinal syrups.

The Japanese use the bold taste of kuro sato to full effect in a lot of candies. With a long history and a unique brown-sugar Kasugqi, this is a classical Japanese treat. In the tradition of a cough drop similar to Ludensthis black sugar candy is packaged to carry easily in your pocket. Each piece is individually wrapped and has the Kasugwi taste of black sugar mellowed with a tinge Kasuyai honey and menthol.

Shaped like little gems, these black sugar hard candies are individually sealed and packed with a little silica gel pack to keep them dry. They have a very smooth, Key West Seafood Company taste because of the honey.

Not Kasubai smokey tasting as the Kuro Ame made by the same company, these are probably a great one to carry as a little pick me up and throat soother.

Of the three products I bought, this is the one that is already gone. Candyology - Episode 37 - Lemonheads How Kasugau something tangy? In this episode from last Canfy, Maria and I talk about the never-duplicated LemonHeads and their companion candies.

All content text and photos unless otherwise credited is Cansy by Cybele May. Please do not use my Kasugaii without Virtual Reality Company Name Generator permission directly from me, they represent what I ate in preparation for these reviews and are not to be used for other purposes.

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Kasugai is a well-known Japanese candy and snack manufacturer founded in 1928. They are especially famous for their delectable Kasugai gummy candies in lychee, peach, and many other different flavors. What started out as just a small shop in central Japan, their sweets are loved by many people across the country and the world today!…

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KASUGAI. Kasugai Snack Foods is a Japanese confectionery company that manufactures candy and snacks for Japan and the rest of the world. Founded in 1923, Kasugai has a long history of producing confectioneries that utilise Japan's notorious produce. They are most famous for their hard candy, gummy candy, and snack pea products.…

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Have you always wondered what are those cute little stars eaten by soot sprites in Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away? Now you can taste them by yourself! These super popular Japanese candies are called Konpeito which comes from the Portugese word 'confeito' meaning a type of sugar candy. Nowadays they are a popular gift so these little sweets make the perfect present to give to your family and ...…

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Company Profile: KASUGAI Corporation is the subsidiary of KASUGAI Co., Ltd in Japan, which was founded in 1925 by Tetsuro Kasugai. As one of the earliest pipe fitting and valves manufactures and traders, KASUGAI started in Japan then expanded globally.…


List of products by manufacturer KASUGAI SEIKA CO., LTD. ... Kasugai Puchirin Konpeito Candy 50g (Best... $ 11.00 . More. Out of stock Out of stock . Kasugai Puchirin Konpeito Candy 50g. More. Add to Compare. Quick View. Add to Compare. Quick View. Kasugai Roasted Hot Green Peas 74g . ……

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Choose from a wide selection of yummy gummy candy from Kasugai to Shigekix and more! ... Gummy Candy. Gummy Candy. Gummy candies are made out of gelatin which gives them their springy texture. They were invented in Germany in the 1920’s and since then have quickly become a worldwide favorite. From Meiji gummy candies to Shigekix, Asian Food ...…