Karbach Brewing Co. I had it with these breweries like Karbach treating their locals like this. I just think that it's utterly unacceptable to do this to local customers. Sell out. Make all of this money after we've been supporting Karbach Brewing Company Houston from Day One," customer Isaiah Esfahan Oil Refining Company said. The owner said his first thought was to pour out the Karbach beer. Instead, he decided to sell it cheap.

If you look at AB's ad campaign over the last year and a half, it's Hkuston clear that they don't want to support independent brewers. They don't support craft. They don't want to support local. They want to acquire. They Karbach Brewing Company Houston to buy that. Some customers came out of respect. Others saw a really good deal. You know? Compahy love beer. And they're in it for the money," customer Davey Ferry said.

After the announcement, Floyd said he Karbach Brewing Company Houston pulling Karbach beer from both of his restaurants. I wish I Krabach say I was surprised My first impulse was to dump it all, but, realizing that everything I have in stock was brewed while they were a true independently-owned Texas craft brewer, I decided to celebrate who Karbach was by selling everything we have for as cheap as possible.

Feel free to take it home. We are working hard to pull all the kegs out of the cellar, and as soon as we have a full draft list, we'll post it here.

Anheuser-Busch said it plans to expand Barbach's brewing capacity tobarrels annually by Lea Wilson.