Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company, which was founded by a lobby group representing Kansas automobile dealers, is now performing a large volume of title processing business on German Seed Company with the Department of Revenue.

A private company tied to a lobby group that represents automobile dealers recently took over another portion of vehicle title processing that used to be handled by the Kansas Department of Revenue. Starting May 1, the agency Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company recently, Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company LLC took charge of processing same-day vehicle titles for the relatively small number of people who need titles immediately.

The Kansas Automobile Dealers Association launched a private company in to take over some title processing business from the Kansas Department of Revenue. SinceKVTSC has been handling bulk title processing for automobile dealers, Odin Brewing Company and insurance companies and other entities that handle large volumes of vehicle business.

And Koil Company will ever know if he does? Department of Revenue officials say they published a public notice that they Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company seeking proposals for the work. Although KVTSC was the only firm that responded, they said the contract is not exclusive and any other firm can still submit proposals to do similar work.

In order to title a vehicle in Kansas, people must show an original title signed by the seller, a bill of sale 536th Military Police Company how much was paid, and proof of insurance — information which, collected over time, could be a valuable resource for marketing purposes by automobile dealers. McNeely, however, said the contract also specifically prohibits the company from sharing that data with any third party, such as the dealers association or its members, or using it for any purpose other than to process transactions.

It is unclear whether residents should expect additional parts of the vehicle registration system to be turned over to private companies at some point in the future.

That potentially could cause much larger amounts of personal data related to vehicle purchases to end up in the hands of private companies. Prior to handing over that business to KVTSC, same-day processing was handled out of a small Department of Revenue office in the Docking State Office Building, a building that the administration has been emptying out, although there Kansas Vehicle Title Services Company are no plans for what to do with the building in the future. Department officials said no state employees lost their jobs as a result of the transfer.

All of the employees who worked in that office either accepted jobs with KVTSC or were transferred elsewhere within the agency, Whitten said in an email. McNeely said the idea of forming the company grew out of a task force Gov. Sam Brownback appointed in that was aimed at modernizing the Division of Vehicles.

At that time, the division was plagued with computer problems that were causing long waits at vehicle registration offices throughout the state. The following year, Kansas lawmakers passed a bill giving The Gas Company Slo Secretary of Revenue authority to privatize all or part of its vehicle registration and title operations. That law came in response to massive problems the agency encountered when it switched to a new computer system for processing those transactions.

KVTSC currently is small-scale. It operates one location in a shopping center at 37th Street and Burlingame Road in Topeka. McNeely said KVTSC has its own management that is separate from the dealers association, and that it is led by a longtime former employee of the Division of Vehicles.

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