Showcase its natural tenderness and flavor by using these cooking tips. Primr meat fat side up on rack, in a shallow roasting pan. Season with Original Steak Seasoning if included in your order. Rub evenly over surface of netted roast, leaving netting on while cooking. Virtual Company Model not add water or cover.

Cover roast with Steai foil tent and allow to stand 15 to 20 minutes. Remove netting and trim excess fat before carving. Our roasts are available in various sizes. Adjust cooking times when appropriate. We suggest using a meat thermometer to ensure proper doneness. Not valid on gift cards, gift certificates or prior purchases. Use code 15off Cannot be combined with any other offers. Some restrictions may apply.

How to Cook Prime Rib?

Prime Rib Roast : Kansas City Steaks

This Prime Rib of Beef from Kansas City Steak Company™ is the centerpiece of a truly special meal. Our Boneless Beef Roast is one of the most delicious cuts available. Delicately marbled, trimmed to perfection, and perfect for your favorite roast recipes. This cut, also known as a Ribeye Roast, has wonderful flavor and texture. Boneless and tenderBrand: The Kansas City Steak Company…

How to Cook Prime Rib Roast : Kansas City Steaks

Season the roast well. Our Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning is an excellent choice. Preheat grill on high. Place the seasoned prime rib roast in the center of the grill and turn off the burners directly under the roast (there's no need for a drip pan when using a gas grill). Close grill lid.…