The beginning of each new year in Hawaii was traditionally determined by the rising of the Makalii Pleiades at sunset in the eastern horizon. The season normally begins in around mid-November in the western calendar.

The beginning of the Hawaiian lunar year marks makahiki season dedicated to the god Lonoikamakahiki, one of the four primary Hawaiian gods who is associated with fertility, agriculture, and peace.

The season is normally around 4-months extending into February. Makahiki season is a time of peace, Rawlings Company Blue Shield, abundance, and games. The makahiki season is also the wet season and is often marked by rain showers and hoailona signs of Lono such as the clusters of dark clouds, thunder in the heavens, and pieces of rainbows.

In traditional times, the makahiki season was also a time of tribute and tax collection. All warring ceased, and the high chief and his retinue would lead Capgemini Company Address In Bangalore procession with the akua loa long god symbolizing Lono.

The akua loa was made of a long staff with the image of the god at the top. From a cross piece hung the white tapa, the pala fern, a feather lei, and the kaupu bird. The procession would proceed clockwise around the island through each ahupuaa district of the island. The high chief serving as the representative of Lono Fredrik Eklund Sweden Company collect the auhau taxes and hoookupu tribute from the makaainana people of the land and survey the productivity of the land and the health of the people.

Often the tribute would be of the kinolau body forms of Lono which included kukui, lai, lauae, ipu, amau, hapuu, palai, uala, kalo, puaa, aweoweo, and Kalona Brand Company Llc.

After the procession of the akua loa, the akua paani or god of the games would preside and many sports and games were played including heihei, mokomoko, hakoko, puhenehene, konane.

At the end of makahiki, a canoe with offerings to Lono was sent adrift to return Lono to Kahiki. As we approach the closing of the makahiki this year, we at Kalona Brand Company celebrate and are thankful for the growing fertility and increasing abundance of the lands under our stewardship and management.

It is exciting to see over 12, trees planted in the soil, to have premium Hawaiian cacao varieties taking root, and a strong and healthy team. We are thankful for the incredible support from each of our founders and partners who seek to revitalize a thriving sustainable agriculture industry in Hawaii, increase rural economic development, create agricultural abundance, provide agricultural and aina-based education, build soil, increase bio-diversity, and build community partnerships all supporting the practice and perpetuation of our traditional Hawaiian culture and values.

Agroforestry and regenerative agricultural practices are viable methods to rebuild the soil, increase organic matter, restore biodiversity, and increase native habitat. In Kalona Brand Company Llc, converting former sugar plantation lands, much of which is now either fallow land, underutilized, or currently being used for non-agricultural and non-sustainable uses can be converted into agroforests, incorporating native species, and restoring ecosystems that will sequester carbon both in the soil and forest canopy, while growing food and creating rural economic development.

A few agroforestry and regenerative practices and their benefits include:. This practice will allow organic matter to build up in the soil. Cover crops and compost: Incorporating cover crops and compost will increase soil fertility. Increasing biodiversity: Planting multiple species, including cover crops, windbreaks, and orchard crops to increase the biodiversity.

Incorporating native species will increase native habitat. Kalona Brand Company Llc sequestration: Through tree crops and building organic matter in the soil, carbon will be captured in the soil canopy and soil to help mitigate the impacts of climate change. Kalona Brand Company is establishing a acre agroforest above Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, in the ahupuaa of Kawailoa, in the moku of Waialua. Through implementing these and other practices, we hope to restore the ecosystem and create a model to help revitalize agriculture in Hawaii and our transition from over years of large-scale, monocrop, industrial agriculture into a model Kalona Brand Company Llc smaller scale, diversified, sustainable systems.

Kalona Brand Company is a vertically integrated, regenerative ag and food company focusing on cacao, ulu, and avocado crops on the North Shore of Oahu, and is seeking Farm Crew Leaders to assist the Farm Manger in the management of the day-to-day operations of the farm including soil preparation, weed management, irrigation management, planting, pruning, harvesting, and post-harvest processing.

With limited guidance from the Farm Manager helps to manage crew members, contractors, and other activities. One of the trees which Kalona Brand will be returning to the landscape of Kawailoa is milo thespesia populnea.

Milo means to turn, twirl, twist or spin. The milo is believed to be indigenous to Hawaii and is also one of the species of trees brought to Hawaii Quest Management Company our Polynesian ancestors.

Milo had a variety of uses including making of cordage from the bark, using the fruit to make dyes for kapa, the trunks and branches for umeke calabashes for the storing of food, and flowers for the making of lei. The milo is referenced in the traditional Hawaiian creation chant, the Kumulipo:.

Hanau ka laumilo noho i kai — Born is the laumilo eel living in the sea. Kiai ia e ka milo noho i uka — Guarded by the milo tree living on land. This refrain identifies a common theme in the Hawaiian worldview and cosmology, that all the elements, animals, trees, and plants are related and interconnected.

The species of the sea are guarded by the trees of the land, and together balance and harmony is achieved. The popularity and importance of the milo is indicated by the number of place names in Hawaii named after the milo including:. Kamilonui the large milo and Kamiloiki the small milo valleys in Maunalua, Oahu. The milo is also referenced by the wind of Makaopau in the story of Keawenuiaumi:. Milo is found in one of our traditional Hawaiian proverbs:. He milo ka laau, mimilo ke aloha.

This proverb is referring to Kalona Brand Company Llc milo tree as its flowers, leaves, or seeds were used by kahuna priests who practiced hana aloha prayers to evoke love. We are excited to be restoring this traditional tree to Kawailoa as we rebuild the forest incorporating native and traditional species, increase biodiversity, add organic matter to the soil, and recreate a model of agricultural abundance for Hawaii and beyond.

The acre farm is designed to produce measurable environmental and community benefits. Kalona has secured a lease from Kamehameha Schools to establish the farm in Kawailoa above Haleiwa Town. The company will be planting permanent tree crops and native windbreaks which will restore the forest canopy and rebuild the soil on land had previously been used for corn and sugar cane. Blog Kalona Brand Company Blog. Restoring Milo to the Landscape of Kawailoa, Oahu One of the trees which Kalona Brand will be returning to the landscape of Kawailoa is milo thespesia populnea.

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Kalona Brand’s sustainable farm focusing on cacao, ulu, and avocado crops is located on Kamehameha Schools’ lands in the ahupuaa of Kawailoa, moku of Waialua, on the North Shore of Oahu. The 222-acre farm is a regenerative farm concept designed to provide measurable environmental and ……

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HONOLULU – April 30, 2019 – Kalona Brand Company, LLC (“Kalona”) announced today that it has launched a new vertically integrated sustainable agricultural venture on Oahu’s North Shore focusing on growing cacao, ʻulu, and avocado to create value added food products including premium Hawaiian chocolate bars for both local and off-island markets.…

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Kalona Brand seeks to regenerate agriculture in Hawaii by developing sustainable farm operations and food systems. We strive for sustainable food systems that provide long term financial viability, actively engage and strengthen communities, steward the aina with environmentally sound land use practices, and competitiveness in a global economy.Founded: 2018…

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