Kalispell Brewing Company has a Kallispell barrel brewhouse with an additional third vessel which allows us to do decoction mashes. It is no longer necessary to efficiently extract the sugars but with our malt forward lagers, decoction Kalispell Brewing Company produces a melanoidin-laden wort, which our yeast turns into in a truly complex and Kalispell Brewing Company Montana-made beer.

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Include retired beers. Bearhat Bock. Demersville Dark. Hole in the Wall. Rope Tow Pale Ale. Skijoring Stout. Two Ski Brewski Pilsner. Winter Brewung Noon Dunkel.

Kalispell Brewing Company - Micro Brewery. This brewery has been claimed by a member of Kalispell Brewing Company. Bearhat Bock 7. Cloudcroft 7. Demersville Dark 4. Hole in the Wall 6. Oktoberfest 5. Rope Kalispell Brewing Company Pale Ale 5. Skijoring Stout 5. Two Ski Brewski Pilsner 5. Edtech Company Meaning at Noon Dunkel 4.

ABOUT Kalispell Brewing Company

Kalispell Brewing Company is the city’s first independent craft brewery located in historic downtown Kalispell, Montana. Founded in 2012 by the husband-wife duo, Cole Schneider and Maggie Doherty, the English-major, former ski racing, beer-loving couple launched their love of beer and brewery culture by resurrecting the former Hendricksen Motors building on Main Street.…

Sacred Waters Brewing Company is a Brewery in Kalispell, MT

Sacred Waters Brewing Company is a woman- and veteran-owned brewery located in Kalispell, MT that strives to provide the best craft beer in all of Montana. Although we have newly opened, we are looking forward to becoming an essential member of the community, celebrating the wilderness waters of the beautiful Flathead Valley with our fly fishing themed decor.…

BEER Kalispell Brewing Company

The extra step: decoction is a time-honored brewing technique that allows sugars to be extracted from the malt more effectively. To some it’s no longer necessary with today’s specialty malts, but it’s what gives our lagers the complexity and balance we strive for.…

TAPROOM Kalispell Brewing Company

Kalispell Brewing Company created our Benefit Brews nights to help local non-profit organizations engage with the community and meet new faces, while raising money and awareness for their programs. Giving back is as fundamental to us as brewing delicious beer, and we’re always seeking new ways to ……