United Container serves industrial and manufacturing companies in Kalamazoo, Michigan with plastic recycling services. As a leading plastic recycling company, United Container buys scrap plastic and post-industrial plastic in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We specialize in plastic recycling, toll grinding, and plastic scrap recycling, Kakamazoo plastic bottles and plastic caps.

United Container provides the highest level of customer service with flexible plastic recycling programs. We buy recycled plastic in Kalamazoo, Michigan and accept partial Kalamazoo Plastics Company full loads of scrap plastic, used plastic, plastic scrap, Plasfics post-industrial plastic.

We can custom design a plastics recycling program that best meets your needs. We arrange schedules and pick up methods to suit the needs of our suppliers.

To Uscis H1b Company List our accounts get Kalamazoo Plastics Company best service possible, we employ a team of experienced professionals and provide load pick up with our own fleet of trucks and trailers.

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Kalamazoo Plastics Company was established in 1954 and was purchased by the family in 1967. Since that time KPC has been a family-owned and operated business; we are currently a second-generation company, although the third generation has been known to contribute to operations and production at key times. 1811 FACTORY STREET KALAMAZOO, MI 49001…