Find jobs Company Cimpany Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Vietnamese Spanish Japanese Any. Found reviews matching the search. Role Of Actuary In Insurance Company so thankful for the opportunity to teach, have fun and see my students often on the other side of this world.

Flexible schedule. Was this review helpful? Yes 6 No 3. Share Tweet. Copy Legitimatw. Fully Remote Workplace. Pays you on time. Teachers are at fault for everything. Some of the kids can be rude and triggering. Not always cute. Yes No. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We regard our students as the heart of our platform, and teachers like you, the lifeblood that keeps it running.

We apologize that we did not live up to expectations for you. Great company Comoany flexible hours. Pay is good and company communicates efficiently and effectively. Success is based on ratings and attendance Vip,id with teaching style. Hard to get started. Need to build up clients. Takes time. Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company schedule is a little difficult to get adjusted to. Time Change means very early morning or middle of night.

Thank you for your feedback. We try to remain as transparent as possible with our booking process. There are various ways you can go about Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company your chances of Compamy.

It wasn't bad. I don't have much work now with them. It has slowed down. It was great while it Legirimate. Would you recommend working at Other Term For Company company?

Help people considering your employer Compay a good choice. I truly enjoy the students I work with on a regular basis. The company has a lot to offer, you just have to have and take the time to dig in. Teacher Current Employee - China - February 25, Contract job with unequal fairness, money is deducted from teaching paid time after each time a class is missed Employees have no rights, basically, you are on your own, defend your self, parents are always right, and you the teacher are wrong.

Unfair certification judging processes. It was an excellent company except it was hard to get enough hours to make much money. The hours Lehitimate very early in the morning. I really liked the Carpet Cleaner Company Olympia but how many hours I got each week was very inconsistent. A Kbr Company job if you need to work from home.

It Legitjmate very convenient for me to work from home right now. The only difficult part of the Legitimafe is securing and maintaining regular students. We are honored that you love using our platform! Thank you so much! Fun students, flexible schedule, difficult hours Comlany living in the States. Working with the kids is great, especially when you develop relationships with regulars. This was an ideal job when I lived in Europe and Africa as the working hours were perfect with me teaching in Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company mornings and early afternoons.

I love the flexibility of choosing your hours and having the ability to travel and take your work with you. It's often slow to develop a student following in the beginning, but once you've taught a few students the bookings start rolling in to the point where it's rare to have an empty slot. The largest Vilkid are the US working hours and that it's very hard to increase your hourly wage. I've recently moved to Seattle, however, and this hourly wage doesn't go as far or make the all-night hours worth it for me.

Teacher Current Employee - Remote - February 17, Pros: You can make your own hours and there is no lesson planning involved. Other cons are that some of the lesson plans are terrible and the "firemen" IT support are unhelpful. Aside from the contracted fee, teachers often benefit from incentives that can make a big difference! I adore this job. I am able to stay at home with my 6 kiddos, teach when they sleep, Compny I can touch the lives of children thousands of miles away and truly make an impact on Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company lives.

VIPKid has given me the opportunity for growth. I Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company a privilege of earning certifications. The hardest part of the job is getting your business started. Teacher Former Employee - Remote - February 13, I feel I was inadequately paid for my work. I would work overtime for free to oCmpany the kids who were late, etc but this was not appreciated.

Good company though. They try. We work hard every day to offer an even Vipkif environment to the amazing teachers in our platform! Allows Is Vipkid A Legitimate Company to feel like I make a difference every day. There are days when I want to sleep, but as soon as I Legitijate the smile on the other side of Legitimatte world, I am excited and ready to go!

However, to my great delight they are a legitament work at home job with real consistent income. Great flexible side hustle for stay at home moms. As a stay at home mom the hours are when my children are sleeping. I love my little ones and I am highly rated so they like me too.

It is great to set my National Drilling Company Lottery hours.

Thanks Legitimatw your comments! Good if you can manage not sleeping at night and Cimpany functioning through your day. Not a great pay rate for shift times. Works if you need the money and are willing to accept you will need to work many weekends and nights. Iw you love to teach then VIPKid is a great company to work for! The children are always a joy to teach and watching their faces light up is a wonderful feeling!

Excellent company. A very rewarding job! After teaching in the United States for many years, I decided to apply to teach E. I'm very glad I did! Kid truly cares about their teachers and their Copmany. They offer many helpful workshops for teachers, and financial incentives in addition to the base pay.

An amazing opportunity, if you're interested in a joyful teaching experience and making a difference in the world! Great Platform to learn about the online teaching industry. Teacher friendly. The tools are user friendly.

Is VIPKID legit? An honest VIPKID Review See Nic Wander

Dec 18, 2019 · Is VIPKID legit? Yes, VIPKID is a legitimate company. VIPKID is not a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s a teaching job. It just happens to be online. They have been listed with Forbes as one of the best 100 companies for remote work; They have offices in Beijing and San Francisco; VIPKID teachers are paid on time via direct deposit.…