Blain Reinkensmeyer August 20th, For a review of the combined brokerage, please read the in-depth TD Ameritrade Review. To cut to the chase: Scottrade lives up to its commercials. The company defines what a broker-client relationship should be, offering everything from opening an account to placing a trade or receiving professional guidance.

And this offering is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. When I opened a new account to conduct my Scottrade review, I knew Scottrade had tough competition, and I was curious to see Is Scottrade A Good Company well the broker would perform.

Within several hours of completing my application, a Scottrade rep from my local branch office called me, welcoming me to the broker, letting me know where they were located, and asking if I had any questions. Immediately, I felt I was in good hands and couldn't help but think Scottrade was going to be my new best friend.

All trades operate under a flat-fee structure, meaning there are no gimmicks or trickery. This makes Scottrade less expensive than nearly all of its direct competitors.

Note though, Scottrade supports only single-legged options trades on its website and ELITE platform; multi-legged options trades are not supported. Lastly, Scottrade offers a massive selection of mutual funds, close to 14, so you will not have any trouble finding something that suits your portfolio mix. And considering the competition, this is no small feat. I found Scottrade to be the only online broker that completely leans on its local branch office network. Calling the support phone number on the Scottrade website during market hours elicits a prompt for your zip code, then redirects you automatically to your local branch office.

Within a few rings, I was speaking with a rep from my local branch office. Not only did he know the Scottrade website like the back of his hands, but he had no trouble answering my questions regarding my new account and website. Scottrade's network has local branch offices within the United States, and all operate during standard market hours: a. Monday through Friday. Scottrade branch offices locations map. Phone support aside, Scottrade also stands out for its email support and places middle of the pack for live chat.

InScottrade finished fifth for email support and seventh for live chat support. Overall, Scottrade finished 3 for customer service in behind only TD Ameritrade and Merrill Edge, a fantastic finish. Compared to its competitors, third-party research is one area in which Scottrade falls behind, but not by much. Scottrade research stock quote. Navigation through the research area, like the rest of the Scottrade website, was clean and straightforward, thanks to the brand-new website design that launched in June The new Is Scottrade A Good Company has a nice, clean design, removing the old left sidebar and putting the primary header navigation in focus.

Trades can be placed from any page or website by popping out the trade ticket bar in the footer. Scottrade stock chart. One feature I really enjoyed, which is exclusive to Scottrade clients, was the Scottrade SmartText functionality.

SmartText analysis is available for charts, sectors and industries, and earnings. With charts, for example, Scottrade SmartText will quickly analyze any indicator you add and give you an easy-to-understand explanation of what that indicator implies for the stock you are researching.

This is generally considered to be an indication of a bearish trend. Scottrade SmartText. Scottrade's research is also thorough for mutual funds. With research provided by Morningstar, my personal provider choice for mutual funds research, Scottrade does not disappoint.

InScottrade spent time improving its screeners, expanding the number of predefined screens from two to 11 for ETFs and two to 10 for Mutual Funds.

Scottrade also added a new visualization tool, allowing you to see how each screen result Is Scottrade A Good Company through your predefined filters. Thanks to the website redesign, immediately upon login, clients will find a quick link to Scottrader Streaming Quotes Is Scottrade A Good Company in the header — a nice touch.

Scottrader Streaming Quotes is a Java-based application that loads through the desktop and is simple to set up. With easy buttons to open new windows and three customizable layouts, I found the application functionality to be straightforward.

Each watch list is drag-and-drop friendly and can have up to 40 securities. Scottrade streaming quotes. Oakhurst Insurance Company South Africa con with the Scottrader Streaming Quotes application is that there is no snap window functionality, so aligning any open windows the trade ticket, charts, top gainers, time and sales box, etc. My only other criticism would be that the quote screen window does not display the market index returns in large numbers at the top.

Pickiness aside, Scottrade Streaming Quotes gets the job done and is an easy win for Unisys Information Technology Company investors. Scottrade's advanced platform, Scottrade ELITE, is a desktop- based platform Bornrich Company Limited for active traders seeking advanced functionality beyond Is Scottrade A Good Company Scottrader Streaming Quotes offers.

Functionality is also widespread; however, across the board, ELITE trails the competition due to a lack of depth.

Focusing on usability first, Scottrade ELITE windows are labeled with clean, clear icons which makes tweaking settings a breeze. InScottrade spent significant Peleus Insurance Company cleaning up the overall design and launched three different color schemes: classic dark, light, and monochrome. I prefer the classic dark design. Also inusability was further improved with the addition of a new layout bar in the header allowing users to quickly swap between layouts.

Looking at tools, charting was enhanced in with the addition of a handful of new technical indicators, including Ichimoku Cloud, Dividend Indicator, Earnings Indicator, and Volume on Price, among others.

In total, 67 studies are available which, while admirable, still falls well below the current industry standard of Lastly, charting now also includes what Scottrade calls Calculated Symbols, which can be used to produce a variety of custom views such as analyzing a pairs trade, for example.

Overall depth is where the platform really suffers. Features such as setting advanced alerts, viewing alerts on charts, viewing historical trades on charts, streaming TV, watch list real-time filtering, and advanced options probability analysis are not present.

TD Ameritrade leads the industry in multiple categories and is a great parent for Scottrade. As a Scottrade client, I am excited for the future.

At the time this review went to press in Februaryit was still too early to know how Scottrade would be integrated. However, Scottrade clients can expect some fantastic changes over the next several Zomm Company. Reinvestable dividends can be used to purchase shares in up to five eligible securities exceptions include OTCBB stocks.

In its place, Scottrade Pro, a joint initiative with Interactive Brokers, was announced. For our Is Scottrade A Good Company Broker Review we assessed, rated, and ranked sixteen different online brokers over a period of six months. In total, we conducted customer service tests, collected 5, data points, and produced over 40, words of research. How we test. For options orders, an options regulatory fee per contract may apply.

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