When you use a compressor the air that is compressed inside the tank will condensate and leave water inside the tank. If it is left in the tank too long it can start to rust out the inside of the tank.

The Drain Valve should be opened up and let the water drain out. The water will build up if you have a tendency to leave air in your tank for a long period of time. You should drain your tank after each time it is used to prevent this from happening. This is a genuine Campbell Hausfeld replacement part designed for use with air compressors.

It is used to regulate the air pressure in the compressor tank. It is also used to regulate the air pressure of the air exiting the tank. In some instances you will need to lower or higher the air pressure of the tank and the air coming from the tank. It is made out of metal with Tub And Scrub Bath Salt Company plastic knob. This regulator is sold individually. To complete this repair you would need a set of wrenches.

The purpose of a gauge is to register the pressure readings inside the tank. This replacement gauge Husky Air Compressor Company sourced directly from original equipment manufacturer for use with Campbell Hausfeld air compressors. The dial reads PSI. Please note this gauge has a durable metal body and it is sold individually.

You should only need a wrench and a thread-sealing tape to complete this repair. Genuine Campbell Hausfeld replacement part, this item is sold individually. The STAV Compression Nut is used to attach the copper tubing to certain components of the compressors listed below.

Along with the Compression Nut you will need to use a compression sleeve or Ferrule to seal the tube from leaking air. The Compression Nut will go on the tubing first then the Ferrule will slide into Husky Air Compressor Company nut. The Ferrule in this Reddaway Company Store is used on all of the compressors listed below.

It is placed inside a Compression Nut of which is on a copper or aluminum tube and then attached to a component of the compressor. It aids in stopping air leaks. This is a genuine Husky replacement part that has been sourced from the original manufacturer to be used with air compressors. The o-rings attach to the compressor's Husky Air Compressor Company tube. These items are used to seal the connections at both ends of the tube.

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