Put in a few years or start to make a name for yourself as a good operator in your industry and chances are you'll be tapped on the shoulder by a recruiter hoping to entice you to pastures new. Being headhunted can be flattering and may trigger your next Kb Homes Title Company move, if the time and opportunity are right. Contain your excitement until you know they're on the level, says 2ndLease founder Alex Brown. He received his share of approaches, and was eventually recruited for a new position, while working in the property and resources sectors earlier in his career.

Asking plenty of questions about the role a recruiter is touting can help you ascertain whether it's real, or they're just on a fishing expedition, looking for details to add to their database. Individuals who are serious about their careers should be ready and willing to take the recruiter's call, especially as they move up the ranks, Trevor-Roberts careers specialist and former head hunter Deborah Wilson says.

That's the piece that's really important and that's how people find you, the head hunters find you. The vetting process begins the minute you engage with a head hunter and if a call does come out of the blue, postponing the conversation until you've had a chance to collect your thoughts can be wise. Ask for an email to be sent from their workplace, arrange a time to talk that suits you and request they position the company and the role before answering questions about yourself and how you're placed, careers coach Sally-Anne Blanshard advises.

Take the time to review their business and LinkedIn profiles before deciding whether to take a head hunter into your confidence, she says: "With the latter, do many people recommend this person for their skills? If their credentials check out, giving them a hearing can be worthwhile, even if you're happily situated, well paid and in no mood for a move.

This role may not suit you now but keep the relationship open — it's the power of your ongoing network. Being discreet and positive leaves the best impression — which means not dishing the dirt on your current employer, however under-challenged or poorly appreciated you may perceive yourself to be.

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