In the mids, LeRoy E. Throughout his travels, Harry recognized an opportunity to start a business that would distribute roofing products exclusively, which was a new concept at the time. In earlyHarry, and his wife, Ilene, moved to Salt Lake City to start a roofing distributorship.

Harry canvassed the local lumberyards and offered to help them become specialized roofing dealers in trade for purchasing his products. Harry found a space on South in Salt Lake City which he rented from a local coal company. At this location he opened L. Harrington Company and remained there for several years. The location was good, but he had no access to telephone service, which he needed to effectively run his business.

One day Harry went to the grocery store across the street which had phone service. Harrington Company Utah store was owned by Elden Booth. Harry asked Elden to share his telephone service with him and offered to pay for it. He also needed help unloading products and asked Harrington Company Utah Elden was interested in helping out.

Elden agreed to both, and their working relationship began that day. As business grew, Harry offered Elden part-time work. Harry suggested that Elden go to work for a local roofing contractor, Noodles And Company Houston Tx Elden did for two years.

Harrington Company was the distributor of El Rey Roofing products. As business improved, Harry offered Elden full-time work. This enabled Ilene to New Scrub Company over many of her responsibilities to Elden.

One of his new found duties was in bookkeeping which he was hesitant about taking on. As Harry grew older, his health began to decline. Harry remained president, Charlie became vice-president, and Elden was made secretary. Inthe business was growing. If something should happen to Harry, they wanted Elden to buy the business. Michael H. Booth, Brian E. Booth, Stephen C. Elden had a special relationship with Harry and Ilene Harrington. Elden often has stated that they treated him like the son they never had.

Over the years, they have learned the various aspects of the business, while working in the roofing yard, as Simple Moves Moving Company drivers and fork-lift operators, ridge-loaders, warehousemen, salesmen, and eventually owners. Harrington Today President Stephen C. Booth Vice President Brian E. Our Story. Today, Elden and Leora Booth. Leroy E. Harrington Today. President Stephen C. Vice President Brian E.

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Feb 27, 2018 · Founded in 1938, Harrington & Company offers a range of construction-related products. The company distributes a variety of roofing, insulation and siding equipment. It also supplies vinyl decking doors and windows. Additionally, the company sells a full range of builder hardware products, power tools and electrical supplies.1/5(1)…

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Company Overview. Founded in 1975, HTI is a locally owned bonded trucker and a full service depot facility. We have a combined 17 acres between both facilities which also boasts a warehouse for cross-docking, trans-loading, and re-working operations.…