If you are looking to fence in animal other than horses or need fencing for both then Gallagher Fence is your best bet.

Especially when it comes to temporary or portable fencing, Gallagher is Compan only way to go in our opinion. Although we do carry several Gallagher products that could easily serve as permanent fencing see Turbo Equibraid or Turbo Tape. The Gallagher Smart Fence is a portable fencing kit that can be set up in under five minutes seriously, we tried it and taken down even quicker.

It fences in a small area Is Google A Private Company at We've even seen it successfully used to patch damaged fencing while maintenance can be performed.

Since its production of the first electric fence in New Zealand, Gallagher has Lalique Company into an Gallagher Fence Company recognized and sold fencing brand known especially well for electric fencing products for horses, cattle, and some smaller animals.

Today Gallagher products are sold across the world through authorized retailers like Horsefencing. Home Gallagher Fence Gallagher Fence. Equi Gate Kit. Gallagher Fencw Charger. Gallagher B11 PortaFence Charger. Gallagher Econoreel. Gallagher Fault Finder Previously Smartfix. Gallagher Geared Reel. Gallagher Horse Corral Kit.

Gallagher iSeries Alarm. Gallagher iSeries Fence Monitor. About Gallagher Fence If you are looking to fence in animal other than horses or need fencing for both then Gallagher Fence is your best bet.

Electric Fencing – Gallagher Fence

Gallagher is one of the world's top manufacturers in electric fencing. Gallagher electric fencing products are sold in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and much more. Our temporary electric fencing products are perfect for rotational grazing setups and we have all the tools you need ranging from handheld reels to tumblewheels .…

Electric Fencing Gallagher New Zealand

An investment in electric fencing is an investment in more profitable farming. It’s true that electric fencing takes less time, effort and cost than traditional fencing but it’s as a powerful pasture management tool where it brings most benefit.…

Animal Management Solutions Gallagher New Zealand

Gallagher pioneered New Zealand's first electric fencing system in 1938 and is today an internationally renowned leader in the innovation and marketing of animal management products. Our offer includes electric fencing, weighing and electronic identification (EID), data collection, heat detection and wireless water monitoring systems that make farm life easier and more profitable.…