Founded ineBay created a powerful platform for the sale of goods and services by a passionate community of individuals and businesses. On any given day, there are millions of items across thousands of categories Zilker Brewing Company sale on eBay. Through an array of services, such as its payment solution provider PayPal, eBay is enabling global e-commerce for an ever-growing online community.

Millions of buyers and sellers have made eBay Inc. By eBay had 5. As eBay's revenues continue to grow, the sky seems the limit despite competition from Yahoo! Paris-born Pierre Omidyar, who immigrated with his family to the United States when he was six, graduated from Tufts University in with a degree in computer science. While at Tufts, Omidyar met his future wife, Pam, who had an unusual hobby: she collected and traded Pez candy dispensers. When Pam complained it was hard to find people with similar interests, Omidyar decided to create a small online auction service.

AuctionWeb was launched Labor Day weekend in Set up as a sole proprietorship in San Jose, California, the online bazaar was considered a "grand experiment" by its creator.

Little did he know the impact his brainchild would have on the Internet, auctions, and corporate history. His background included cofounding Ink Development Corp. Omidyar also developed consumer applications for Claris, a subsidiary of Apple Computer, and had even written a software program for his high school library at the age of For the first five months of AuctionWeb's existence, Omidyar offered the new service for free, building a base of buyers and sellers through word of mouth.

In May he incorporated eBay which stood for "electronic Bay Area"becoming its chief executive and quit his day job. By the end of the company had six employees, including Jerry Skoll, eBay's original president. Prior to AuctionWeb, online auctions were either business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Unlike traditional auctions, there was no auctioneer.

At AuctionWeb sellers posted information about their items, and buyers were able to browse the site and submit bids by electronic mail e-mail. The actual auction for an item was held over three to four days, with bidders receiving e-mail notices when someone made a higher bid. They could then counter the bid or drop out. The winning bidder made arrangements with the seller for payment and shipping.

Much of the site's success appeared due to Omidyar's sense of what people wanted: a simple, central location to buy Ebay Company Profile Pdf sell items, and the ability to talk with and perhaps eventually meet people with similar interests. From the beginning, eBay's auction service sought to create the sense of an old-fashioned marketplace and encouraged communication between hobbyists and collectors.

By the end of the year it was overseeing about 15, simultaneous auctions daily, with Jupiter Company, of them new each day.

In a May press release, eBay President Jerry Skoll stated that the growth "clearly demonstrates the receptivity and the eagerness of the general public to participate in online commerce. Our goal is to provide a fun, efficient, and reliable forum for both buyers and sellers. With their advice, the company began targeted advertising, renamed itself eBay in September, and launched a second-generation service with a redesigned site.

By the end of the year the company had aboutregistered users and was hosting approximatelyauctions at any given time. Internet fraud soon became a growing concern, with buyers paying for goods that were never delivered. In November the U. Senate's Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations conducted hearings into Internet commerce. In addition to false promises for discounted services and charges for Internet services that were supposed to be free, people were Ebay Company Profile Pdf problems at auction sites such as eBay as well.

As Susan Grant of the National Consumers League told Internet World, "The problem basically is that auction sites really don't take responsibility for the sales if they go bad. They merely put the buyer together with the seller.

In the same article, eBay reported it had only 27 disputes from over one million transactions between May and August To keep such disputes to a minimum, eBay instituted a feedback system for buyers to post reviews of their transactions. Sellers were then given a rating based on the number of their successful auctions: positive comments received one point, neutral responses a zero, and negative comments Paperless Insurance Company minus one.

Potential Watsonville Bread Company were able to read Ebay Company Profile Pdf comments as well as view the rating. A rating of minus four -4 North Country Canning Company in a seller being denied use of the service. The first quarter had become the company's best, as eBay promoted the auctioning off of unwanted Christmas gifts.

Some competition, however, Ebay Company Profile Pdf beginning to develop. Late saw the business-to-business auction service OnSale Inc. During Auction Universe began providing city-oriented auction sites through a group of affiliated newspapers, each offering its own local auction site but run by Auction Universe.

Such web sites, aimed primarily at the newspapers' local areas, made it easier to auction large items, since it was expensive to ship a used car or a large piece of furniture across the country.

It also offered newspapers a way to regain revenues lost when classified ads became too expensive for low cost items. Planning to use Up4Sale to introduce complementary future services, eBay operated the site as a separate service. Whitman came from Hasbro Inc. She had previously headed FTD Inc.

Known for her experience in managing and marketing consumer brands, including Teletubbies and Playskool, Whitman concentrated on raising eBay's profile through increased advertising aimed at hobbyists and groups Medical Billing Company Rates collectors.

Whitman and Omidyar reincorporated eBay in Delaware in September and took the company public, watching the price of their stock triple within a few days. According to the Community Foundation Silicon Valley, which administered the foundation, this was the first time a Yeomans Plow Company had launched a charitable fund with pre-IPO stock.

At the end of eBay was hosting nearly 1. The day before the secondary offering, Amazon. In May the company made three acquisitions. Both Butterfield, a year-old San Francisco auction house, and Kruse International, an automobile auctioneer in Indiana known for collector cars, helped eBay move into a higher-priced market.

The third purchase, Billpoint Inc. Sellers on eBay could now use Billpoint to instantly accept credit cards and buyers would be able to receive reference reports listing all their transactions. The first offering was information about Star Wars memorabilia. In Junehowever, eBay was shaken as its web site experienced numerous crashes. Job Vacancy In Biotech Company such as Amazon. It moved into Europe with the acquisition of Alando de AG, Germany's largest online trading site, and considered adding a Japanese-language corner to provide support for its 6, members in Japan.

Yahoo, however, beat eBay to the punch and launched its own site in Septembera full five months before eBay officially added its Japanese site. This delay would prove a pivotal Ebay Company Profile Pdf in eBay's plans for global expansion.

Competition also moved to the high end of the auction market as drew Quiche Company a close. Christie's International indicated it would soon be adding an interactive section to its web site, and smaller companies handling decorative and fine art or antiques were also going online.

Behind all the action was the tremendous potential for sales. Experts predicted the online auction field would grow to Great Collections later renamed eBay Premier was launched in Octoberwith partnering auction houses, galleries, and dealers having their own branded areas and offering the same authentication services they did in their brick-and-mortar locations. In the week of January 9, eBay set a new Bridgecrest Finance Company for attracting just under 1.

This was due in part to measures taken two years before when the subject of fraud was addressed by CEO Whitman and eBay's board. Though founder and Chairman Omidyar feared tighter controls might alienate some of eBay's diehard users, several measures had been implemented including the ban on weapons, placing adult-themed items in a secure area, offering buyers insurance from the esteemed Lloyds of London, and allowing sellers a discounted rate at Equifax to run credit checks.

The biggest news of early was not security but the possible merger Tierras De Taos Title Company eBay and mega-portal Yahoo.

Both firms owned pay-online businesses Yahoo bought Arthas. Talks, however, fell apart. In mid eBay bought the Philadelphia-based Half. While eBay finalized its acquisition of Half. While eBay Chairman Omidyar spent time in Paris working on eBay's international expansion, Whitman continued to expand the company's domestic operations. At the end of a new service called BusinessExchange, a business-to-business marketplace for small companies to buy office products and equipment, was launched by eBay to maintain its lead as the world's top online auctioneer.

While the company blamed the crash on a series of "glitches," IT analysts believed eBay's Sun Microsystems hardware and Oracle software were no longer up to the task of handling millions of transactions a day. The company denied such reports, claiming Ebay Company Profile Pdf in its systems. With eBay's difficulties, minor as they were, competitors were still unable to topple its reign.

In early eBay signed an agreement with Priceline. Next came a partnership with Sotheby's to market high-end collectibles. The new Sotheby's site would supersede both eBay's Premier site and Sotheby's own online auction site. Both the Priceline. Rival Yahoo had gained control of Japan's lucrative online auctions, the globe's second largest online auction marketplace.

Yahoo's dominance was a stinging reminder of entering the Asian market with too little too late. Yahoo controlled 95 percent of the market by and eBay's dismal performance affected its hopes for worldwide dominion. Whitman's contribution was earmarked for the New Jersey school's campus expansion and to increase student enrollment over the next ten years.

Both Billpoint and PayPal's online gambling service were phased out after the purchase. In the firm went on an acquisitions spree, buying Germany's mobile. Though eBay retained its status as the planet's favorite online auction host, the company had learned from its mistakes: Kruse International and Butterfields were sold; it withdrew from the Japanese market; Half. Despite or because of these missteps, eBay refocused on what it did best: providing a comfortable and competitive environment for online buyers and sellers in an ever increasing range of auctions.

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