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Yes 1 No. Share Tweet. Copy link. My job was to pick up people Earth Company Limited take them places. The pay was Compamy but I didn't have the freedom. Yazoo Company people around Arizona and made a lot of towners feel comfortable. Yes No. Yes 3 No. A lot of work for a little or no money. Not like taxi work I started with at Sky Lite.

Yes 17 No 1. Do not wish to comment. I left because I was not Compahy enough money. It is actually a good job in that you can make your own hours and work any time you want. Yes 14 No 2. Your experience matters. Help out others considering your employer. Rate your employer. Yes 4 No The hours could be long or short depending on the day. The cars that I leased were in good order. The staff and management were not willing to help you if needed.

You were on your own. No set pay. Yes 11 No. You have to hustle every day to make money Yes 29 No 1. I really liked this job, but the pay was not the best. I would recommend this for a 2nd job on the side. That is really all that I can say. Not so good pay. Yes 14 No This is a fair job, long hours, minimal pay, minimal support from company, not really treated well as a cab driver by people who work for the company.

Make your own schedule. Expensive lease, too many extra fees. Yes 35 No 2. At Discount, you are in control of your schedule. You decide when and what shifts you work. There is no one telling you when it is necessary to be at work. Discount Cab is a good place to work. As a driver, you have the ability to set your own hours and have complete autonomy. The only drawback is that you have no set rate of pay, so at the end of the day you may have made ten dollars.

Yes 7 No Day would start out by doing AAA calls. I learned how the AAA system worked. Management was great the owner ran his team great. Co-workers where very helpful when the help was needed for someone that didn't know what they was doing. The hardest part of the job was getting a call in the middle of the Discount Cab Company Mesa Az from the highway patrol to g clean up a wreck where someone got killed.

Yes 11 No Good Company, Long Hours, not making enough. I loved picking up and dropping of the customers. And a slow day really hurt me. Yes 33 No 6. Your demand for Cmopany is ridiculous because we Discount Cab Company Mesa Az know they aren't going to make that much clientele in the short amount of time with those coupons. Not everyone had clients already or people they have know for awhile in the company. Yes 24 No 4. Fun workplace with a changing scenery and many different customers.

I enjoyed being a cab driver. During the week I would typically start at 8 in the morning and normally work until 5 in the afternoon. I enjoyed the changing scenery and loved the fact that I could pick areas that I could work. I always found it easy to make conversation with customers and was always complimented on the cleanliness of my work environment.

The hardest part of the job was seeking new customers apart from the company to sustain work during the slow times. I worked with many different employees to cover work when other drivers were not available. I was an independent contractor so there was Discounr really a management structure. When drivers had concerns we would bring them up, but to little avail, we had no Diacount acting on our side. Customer interaction, work a Compxny schedule. Management structure, extreme fluctuation with work.

Yes 18 No 6. I made good money But Vital Proteins Company company overall was poorly managed. There are few jobs where you can truly set your own schedule but this is one of them. I averaged I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do by listening to people who had been there for a long time.

I met a lot of interesting people including strippers, rappers, crack dealers and international travelers, had some great conversations and learned a lot about other cultures and people in general. Frequent interaction with people who you want nothing to do with. The money, the interesting fares, the flexibility. Management, risk, cost of fuel and lease, poor vehicle maintenance.

Yes 30 No 2. I am currently a part time driver for the Woo Company three months, San Diego Dance Company I have had no issues with the staff or dispatch. Anytime i have had issues, they were handle very quickly, whether it Cabb with dispatch or with the office staff.

As to the driving, its pretty fun!! I drive just the weekends and make great money. I am a single mom so making that extra cash on the weekends Compajy that my children have money for vacations and their college fund.

I haven't had Fisher Oil Company issues in the cab, thank goodness!!

Being a girl in the car, I have never felt threatened and Compamy feel safe in the vehicle with the knowledge the company has provided to me. Overall, This company is fantastic!!

This job is not for everyone though. You really have to stay quick and moving or else you will not make the money you are hoping to make.

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The company quickly exceeded all expectations and currently has the largest hybrid fleet of cabs in North America. Although the "Prius Project" has transitioned from being Craig Hughes' project to a company-wide best practice, Discount Cab continues to emphasize the importance of Earth Day with its annual Earth Day Campaign.…

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The company quickly exceeded all expectations and currently has the largest hybrid fleet of cabs in North America. Although the "Prius Project" has transitioned from being Craig Hughes' project to a company-wide best practice, Discount Cab continues to emphasize the importance of Earth Day with its annual Earth Day Campaign.…