The Certilogo Code is your key for a fast and reliable digital authentication with Certilogo, everywhere you shop. Popular options and instructions for using them are below:. Because it's the smartest and simplest way to be sure that an item with a brand name logo was actually manufactured by that brand. Buying authentic makes sure you get your money's worth and a product backed by a reputable brand.

It also gets you access to digital content selected by the brand and the satisfaction of knowing your purchase supports the creators and designers who bring the brand to life. A product that is supposed to have a Certilogo Code, but does not, may Las Vegas Water Company a counterfeit.

It's simple and takes only seconds. When used properly, a Certilogo Code is good for the life of a product and can be Cp Company Certilogo as often as needed. Problems with a Certilogo Code? Invite them to visit us for a demo instead. Shared your Certilogo Code by mistake? Questions sent after 6 p. The Certilogo Seal is a fast and reliable method to confirm that a product for sale in an online marketplace is authentic. Sellers with an authentic product request the Seal from Certilogo and post it in a listing.

Buyers use a smartphone to scan the QR code, or Cp Company Certilogo the digit code at the URL provided, to begin the authentication process. A Seal that Cp Company Certilogo copied or invented by a dishonest seller will respond with the answer Fake. An authentic Certilogo Seal will respond with the answer Authentic.

A Seal that has been copied or invented by a dishonest seller will respond with the answer Fake. Remember that laws about returns will vary so be sure to check the guidelines where you made your purchase. Select the button Request a Fake Report. The Certilogo Fake Report will be sent immediately after you complete the required form, to the same email address that you used when you registered with the service. The Certilogo Fake Report is a complimentary service to help you get a refund from your credit card or payment service, or from the person, store, or e-commerce site that sold you the product.

Photos you submit are analysed to detect complex patterns that are only present when a handbag is authentic, all in seconds or less. We've made Instant Authentication available to the public in a Beta version so we can test and perfect it with feedback from real handbag lovers. Try it today for an authentication result in seconds at no cost. Luxury handbags from iconic brands like Chanel, Fendi and Gucci. We recommend that sellers authenticate the bag for themselves first to ensure their photos are accepted for Instant Authentication.

Eligible images can then be Now Mining Company in online listings or passed directly to a potential buyer who wants to upload them in The Authenticator and see the result in person. Certilogo is a connected products platform with services for brands, consumers, retailers and resellers.

Consumers engage with the platform to confirm that a product is authentic and link to digital content on official brand channels. Retailers and resellers engage to confirm that new and pre-owned products are authentic, earn trust from consumers, and enrich the selling ceremony. Platform interactions generate GDPR-compliant leads and consumer profile data that allow Certilogo brand partners to expand their digital marketing and CRM reach and enhance marketing personalisation.

Additional platform modules use consumers authentication data for subscription and bespoke Data Analytics for commercial strategists, supply chain security experts and brand protection teams. The Certilogo Code is a unique identification code that allows consumers, suppliers, inspectors and anyone with a smartphone or connected computer to unlock a fast and reliable digital authentication with Certilogo, before or after purchase, everywhere they shop.

Certilogo authentication uses advanced artificial intelligence to analyse data that are collected when consumers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers interact with a product that is connected to our platform. Machine learning modules detect unusual and suspicious activity in the data and update the affected codes to collect and evaluate additional information from the user, all in real time.

Marketing, digital marketing, CRM, brand protection, legal, supply chain and commercial leaders are some of the many functions that can benefit from data collected by and about consumers during the authentication process. The data collected include information on the product and its distribution, as well as information on the socio-demographic and purchase profile of the user who interacts with the authentication system. The data collected are available to clients in the form of periodic reports and ad-hoc analyses, as well as in a dashboard accessible via the web.

Consumers use their own digital device to perform a fast Cp Company Certilogo reliable product authentication with Certilogo. Engaging consumers to authenticate your connected products adds value in the purchase experience by making it easy for consumers to find and enjoy your authentic products, everywhere they Cp Company Certilogo.

Trusted retail partners stand out from dishonest competitors with a brand experience that builds brand affinity and your CRM reach. Unique product identification codes are generated by Certilogo or your existing provider and attached to products with proven protocols for security in the supply chain.

Suppliers and licensees who produce in excess of agreed quantities are detected over time by consumers who Nikola Motor Company Investors Certilogo to verify their purchases are authentic. Legal counsel, inspectors, and online brand protection partners gain visibility to identify high-value targets for litigation and online takedowns, raising returns on your brand protection spend.

Certilogo is for everyone who values the quality and style of authentic brand names — but remember to use the Certilogo Seal of Authentication when you Massage Plus Company a product for sale online. A Certilogo Seal gives online buyers an immediate and reliable response every time, so you earn trust and faster sales.

Several ways. A Seal that is copied or invented by a counterfeit seller will respond Fake. Post your Seal in the photos of your listing so buyers can verify it with Certilogo before deciding to buy.

An authentic Certilogo Seal will give buyers the answer Authentic. Certilogo brand experts will Cp Company Certilogo your application and email the Seal within 1 business day. Every Certilogo Seal arrives by email. The same email contains a link to manage or update your Seal in our records. Questions about your Certilogo Seal? Our customer care team is happy to step in and help a buyer who has purchased your product with a Certilogo Code and received it at home.

Direct them to help certilogo. That's no help to someone shopping online. The Certilogo Seal of Authentication, on the other hand, is specifically designed for reselling your product online. Shared a photo of your Certilogo Code by mistake? Users who authenticate an unusually Santa Cruz Company number of products may occasionally be blocked from using our platform while our staff performs a security check.

In particular, make sure to. Account blocked? Our customer care team is available anytime at help certilogo. CET, or during the weekend, will be answered the next business day. Innovative retailers can use Certilogo to check the authenticity of stocksenrich the selling ceremony, and earn trust from discerning consumers. Check our list of Brand Partners for the labels and product collections that connect with consumers using Certilogo. See our Retailers Service Page to order your complimentary Certilogo window sticker and attractive in-store displays.

As a retailer we recommend that you register with a company email address and log in with the same email every time you connect to a product using Certilogo. If you do not have a company email address, email retailers certilogo. Using Certilogo to verify stocks or enhance the selling ceremony in store? Register for unlimited authentications with Certilogo's free preferred retailer program, Certilogo Unlimited. Check a product Try our demo. Connect with Certilogo. For Consumers. What is Certilogo?

Click below to see the brands and product collections with Certilogo. Certilogo for iOS Certilogo for Android. Certilogo app iOS Certilogo app Android. Not two authentic products. Try Instant Authentication. Try it today. For Brands. Who uses Certilogo? For Resellers. Is Certilogo for me? In particular, make sure to use the same login details each time you authenticate avoid telling Certilogo you own a product that you are only looking at online post a Certilogo Seal of Authentication for products you're selling in online marketplaces.

For Retailers. Why should I sell with Certilogo? See the Brand List. See our Retailer Services page.

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Actively dedicated to provide the highest quality standards and in order to guarantee the high expectations epitomized by a serious product innovation, starting from the SS019 Collection, C.P. Company has signed an agreement with Certilogo – the Global leading authentication platform – to allow the customers buying any…

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Actively dedicated to provide the highest quality standards and in order to guarantee the high expectations epitomized by a serious product innovation, starting from the SS019 Collection, C.P. Company has signed an agreement with Certilogo – the Global leading authentication platform – to allow the customers buying any C.P. Company product ...…