Company That Makes Bulletproof Backpacks Blocker is a Massachusetts-based company that was started in by Joe Curran, a real-life father who wanted to do all that he could to protect his two school-aged children after witnessing the horror of the Virginia Tech massacre.

Using the knowledge he gained while training as Company That Makes Bulletproof Backpacks R. The bulletproof backpack quickly became a consumer favorite and remains so to this day.

In addition to our school and workplace safety solutions, we specialize in manufacturing unique, custom bulletproof products that bring our customers visons to life. At Bullet Blocker, we are a team of individuals dedicated Quotation Format For It Company creating products that allow our customers to take a proactive approach to safety.

Whether you are a student, a workplace professional, or a member of the Armed Forces, Bullet Blocker caters to individuals from all walks of life. Con tact Information:. Info BulletBlocker.

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