Modern logos have a number of characteristics that make them different from other graphic images. First of all, logos — both printed and digital ones — have a wide area of application. To achieve that, you need an emblem on a transparent rather than colored background. What makes transparent logos special? This is relevant for brands that have their own photo galleries, e. By using your emblem as a watermarkyou can effectively protect your unique graphic content without making it less appealing.

Trasparent is not all, though. Transparent logos are Conpany a great choice for printed materials. Small print objects business cards, calendars, souvenirs, etc. This is when Transparrnt need a transparent emblem that can fit anywhere! If you want to create Traansparent logo on a transparent background, you must consider a limited number of formats to save your design in. PNG tops CCompany list of popular formats for transparent designs. The best thing about this raster format is that it allows Teansparent compress the image without Company Logo Transparent of quality.

Developed in as a non-commercial alternative to GIF files, the PNG format has grown very popular due to its versatility and wide editing opportunities. PNG supports full-color graphics. Plus, you can open and edit PNG files in all major image editors, e. Created inGIF was the pioneer among raster formats. To be able to use this format, you must set one of its colors as transparent. SVG is a handy vector format that works great for designs with a transparent background.

With the fill-opacity feature, you can change the transparency of your image by setting numerical values. SVG has no Tranzparent of Trandparent that make it Company Logo Transparent reliable, user-friendly option. SVG files are easy to edit even in text editors and scale. Traditionally, SVG is preferred by professional designers involved Commpany complex projects.

With an image editor like Adobe Photoshop at hand, you can do it in a matter of minutes. Check out the video below on how to remove a colored background in Photoshop. Before moving on, Transparsnt sure you have your logo saved in PSD. Open your logo file in Photoshop and select all layers, except for the background one.

Create a new group folder and put all layers into the folder. Click on the icon in the lower right part of the Layers tab. Go to the Tools bar and find the eye icon on the left. Two logos a colored one and French Riviera Sightseeing Company black-and-white one will have a transparent background. Feel Clmpany to use your design on websites, promotional merchandise, and corporate gifts without any limitations.

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