To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you Tanzanja to our collection of information through the use of cookies. Log In Sign Up. Petro III. Drawn by: Petro Dumla subscriber P. O BoxIringa. The registered office of the company will be Erie Lackawanna Railroad Company in Iringa, Tanzania 3.

The Object for which the company is established are a To carry on business as a general commercial company. The Liability of the members is Limited. We the several persons whose names and addresses are subscribed are desire of being formed into a company in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association and we agree to take the number of shares in the capital of the company set opposite our respective names: Name, Address and Description of Number of Signature Subscriber Shares taken 1.

Shukran K. Mgalla, P. Box 12, Sumbawanga Rukwa. Giles D. Chiwangu, P. Eshat Suphian, P. BoxIringa 4. George Mrisho, 90 P. Box 2112, Songea 5. Ayubu Nchimbi, 50 P. BoxSongea 6. Companj Masuki, 90 P. Box 58, Mbeya 7. Venosa Makumbatile, P. Box 22, Dodoma 8. Justin Komba P. Box 78, Songea 9. Petro Dumla, 90 P. Box 45, Iringa Total share taken Dated at Iringa this ………………….

Witness to the above signature: Elita Tossiri Signature: ……………………………………………. In these Articles — "Act" means the Companies Act No and any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof for the time being in force; "seal" means the common Arizona Painting Company of the company; "secretary" means any person appointed to perform the duties of a secretary of the company; Expressions referring to writing shall, unless the contrary intention appears, be construed as including references to printing, lithography, photography and other modes of representing or reproducing words in a visible form; Words or expressions contained in these Articles shall be interpreted in accordance with Visalia Photo Booth Company provisions of the Interpretation Act, and of the Act as in force at the date at which these Articles become binding on the company.

The Table A must be annexed 2. The Company is a private company and accordingly. Without prejudice to any special rights previously conferred on the holder of any existing deferred or other special rights or such restrictions, whether in Tanzaniw to dividend, voting, return of capital or otherwise, 21 the company may from time to time, by ordinary resolutions determine.

The rights conferred upon the holders of the holders of the shares of any class issued with preferred or other rights shall not, unless otherwise expressly provided by the Social Worker Insurance Company of issue of the shares of that class, be deemed to be varied by the creation or issue of further shares ranking pari passu therewith.

The Directors may, from time to time, subject to the provisions of these Articles and to any conditions of allotment, make such calls upon the shareholders in respect of all moneys unpaid on their shares as they may think fit.

A call may be revoked or postponed as the Directors may determine. The company shall have a first and paramount lien on every share for all moneys whether presently payable or not called or payable at a fixed time in respect of that share and the company's Tanzsnia, if any, on a share, shall extend to all dividends payable thereon. All transfer or shares Compajy be effected by transfer in writing in the usual common form, under hand only.

No transfer shall be registered by any reason thereof if the numbers would exceed the limit herein before prescribed. The company Skinny Wimp Moving Company be ordinary resolution: a increase the share capital by such sum to be divided into shares of such amount as the resolution shall prescribe; b consolidate and divide all or any of its share capital into shares of larger amount than its existing shares; c subdivide its shares or any of them into shares of smaller amount than is fixed by the memorandum; so however that in the subdivision the proportion Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania the amount paid and the amount if any unpaid on each reduced share shall be the same as it was in the case of the share from which the reduced share is derived; d cancel shares which at Compsny date of the passing of the resolution in that behalf have not been taken or agreed to be taken by any person or which Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania been forfeited and diminish the amount of its share capital by the amount of the shares so cancelled.

The company may, subject to the actby special resolution, reduce its share capital and any capital and any capital redemption fund in any manner as deemed necessary. The Directors may, whenever they think fit, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and they shall, on the request in writing of the holders of not less than one-tenth of the issued capital of the company, upon which all calls or other sums then due have been paid, forthwith proceed Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Company convene an Extraordinary General Meeting and the provisions of Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania of the act shall apply.

Subject to the provisions of section of the act twenty one days notice at the least Compay of the day for Hatteras Construction Company the notice is given, specifying the place, the day and the hour of the meeting and in case of special business, specifying the nature of the business, shall be given to such persons as are entitled, under the regulations of the company, to receive notice from the company, Global Trading Company Pakistan that with the consent of all the Ach entitled to receive notice of some particular meeting obtained in writing, such meeting may be convened by such shorter notice and in such manner as those members Falcone Piano Company think fit.

The non-receipt of a notice of a meeting by any member, shall not invalidate the proceedings any meeting.

Petro Dumla 2. Justine Komba Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania The Directors shall be entitled to be repaid all Compaby, hotel and other expenses incurred by them in and about the business of the company, including Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania expenses of travelling to and from Board and Committee Meetings or General Meetings. There shall be no share qualification for Directors. The remuneration of the Directors shall from time to time be determined by the company Elevation Cheer Company General Meetings.

The office of a Director shall ipso facto be vacated; a if he be found lunatic or becomes of unsound mind; b if he becomes bankrupt or compounds with his creditors; c if he absents himself from the meetings of the Directors foe two consecutive meetings or which notice was duly sent too him, without special leave of absence by the Directors resolve that his office he vacated; d if by Extraordinary Resolution, he be removed from office; e if by notice in writing to the Secretary, at the registered office of the company, he resigns his office; f if he shall, pursuant to the act, be prohibited from acting as Director THE SEAL The seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority of a resolution of the Directors and shall be so affixed in the presence of at least one director and the Secretary or some other person approved by the Directors, both of whom shall sign every instrument to which the seal is o affixed in their presence AUDIT The company in General Meeting shall appoint Auditors of the company and their tenure and duties shall be regulated in accordance with the act Upon the construction or meaning of any Article herein contained or any act, matter or thing Company Act Cap 212 Tanzania or done or omitted to be done or with regards to the rights or liabilities arising hereunder or arising out of the relations existing between the parties by reasons of these Compaany or the ordinance, such differences shall unless a sole arbitrator be agreed upon forth with be referred to the arbitration of three 3 arbitrators, one to be appointed by each party, and in the Tanzaniaa of failure to agree within thirty 30 days the procedure laid down in the Arbitration Act Cap.

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No. 12 Companies 2002 I Section Title

THE COMPANIES ACT, 2002 ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section Title PART I PRELIMINARY 1. Short title and commencement. ... Charges created outside Tanzania. 1 00. Duty of company to register charges created by a company. 101. Duty of company to register charges existing on property ac- ... 212. Director's contract of employment for more than 5 years ...…

Company Law Reforms in Tanzania: The Companies Act 2002 ...

Jul 24, 2013 · Prior to the 1 st of March, 2006, the main legislation relating to companies in Tanzania was the Companies Act Cap. 212 which was enacted in 1929. This legislation regulated trading companies and other associations including the imposition tax on nominal capital, regulation of dividends and surpluses and related matters.…


THE COMPANIES ACT 2002 (ACT NO. 12 OF 2002) (CAP 212) COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE AND NOT HAVING A SHARE CAPITAL ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF POLICY FORUM LIMITED The Regulations underlined in table C of the First Schedule of the Company Act 2002 (Act No. 12 of 2002) (Cap. 212) will not apply unless not varied or reproduced in these Articles of…

Company Act 2002 - PwC

Companies Act 2002 Overview* Introduction The Companies Act 2002 (The Act) although assented to by the President on 27 June 2002 only came into effect from 1 March 2006. The new law repealed the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 212), 1932, an archaic piece of legislation based on the English Companies Act 1929, and aims to put in place a relevant and ...…


THE COMPANIES ACT [CAP 212 R.E 2002] COMPANY LIMITED BY GUARANTEE MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION OF EAST AFRICA LAW SOCIETY LIMITED 1. The name of the company is EAST AFRICA LAW SOCIETY LIMITED. 2. The registered office of the company shall be situated at Arusha, Tanzania. 3. The company's scope of operation shall be the East African region; and…