Belgian Dark Strong Ale 9. Our 3rd anniversary beer Catholic Company Coupon Code sweetness with a light to moderate spiciness. The malt is prevalent and has light caramel toast and bready aroma. The fruity esters are moderate, and contain raisin, plum, dried cherry, fig and Cismontane Brewing Company notes.

Alcohols are soft, spicy, and lightly perfumy. Coppery-brown in color with huge, Clsmontane, cream colored head. The Cismonttane flavors blend smoothly and harmoniously. This is a dark, complex, very strong Belgian ale that is rich, smooth and dangerous. Russian Imperial Stout California Common 6. Named after the coulter big cone pine tree this is a well-balanced I.

It brings the beer style back to its roots. Brewed with a hit of rye for head retention and a deeper malt character, this beer has the best of all worlds, Brewijg hop aroma, a strong body and deceiving strength. American Brown Ale 9. Winter Seasonal Beer 8. Img Company Barleywine American Pale Ale 4. This beer is named after the the falls at the end of Holy Jim trail in Bfewing Trabuco Canyon near the brewery.

The refreshing flavor and hoppy aroma of this crisp, clean Extra Pale Ale Cismontane Brewing Company certainly be enhanced when standing in the cool waters of the falls when you reach the end of the trail. Throw a couple of these in CCismontane bag for the hike and enjoy it to the sound of running water. Flanders Red Ale 4. Specialty Fruit Beer 6. American Pale Ale 5. International Dark Lager 6. Toggle navigation. TapHunter can help you manage and promote your beer.

Claim this brewery. Cismontane Dead Santa 8. Cismontane 4th Anniversary Doppelbock 9. Cismontane 4th Anniversary Dopplebock Doppelbock 9. Cismontane 5th Anniversary Belgian Blond Ale 9. Cismontane 5th Anniversary Saison Saison 9. Cismontane Anniversary Saison Saison 9. Cismontane Bad Santa Specialty Beer 6. Cismontane Belgian Dubbel 8. Cismontane Black's Dark 8. Cismontane Black's Dawn Imperial Stout 8. Cismontane Black's Cismontane Brewing Company Imperial Stout Cismontane Black's Twilight Imperial Stout Cismontane Blacks Dawn American Stout 8.

Cismontane Bloody Surfer 9. Cismontane Brown Bear 6. Cismontane Brut Du Sauvin Saison Cismontane Bushwacker English Comppany 7. Cismontane Cismontaine Buckwheat Oktoberfest 5. Cismontane Citizen California Common 6. Cismontane Citizen Coffee California Common 6. Cismontane Citizen Common California Common 6. Cismontane Citizen Lager American Lager 5. Cismontane Classified Doppelsticke 8. Cismontane Coulter Cask 7. Cismontane Cream Ale Cismontane Brewing Company.

Cismontane Dopplesticke 8. Cismontane Dos Cones American ICsmontane Cismontane Dr. Oot American Pale Ale 5. Cismontane Dubbel Belgian Dubbel 8. Cismontane El Modena Mild 4. Cismontane El Prieto 8. Cismontane Flemish Red 4.

Cismontane Grapefruit Jim 4. Cismontane Greyhound 6. Cismontane Mesa Specialty Fruit Beer 6. Cismontane Mesa 4 Fruit Beer 7. Cismontane Mesa Iii Berliner Weisse 7. Cismontane Oso English Porter Cismontane Oso Batch 3 English Porter Cismontane Oxalis Wild Specialty Beer 6. Cismontane Oxalis Pes Caprae 4. Cismontane Pandion Ale 6. Cismontane Pilsbilly American Light Lager 5. Cismontane S. Cismontan Saint Peter 5. Cismontane Salvatore's Ciskontane Specialty Beer 7.

Cismontane Schwartz Hop Schwarzbier 6. Cismontane Schwarzhop Black Ipl 7. Cismontane Session 4. Cismontane Session Saison Saison 4. Cismontane Single Malt Dark Roxy Sister Company 4. Cismontane Brewiny Cismontane Brewing Company 7. Cismontane Sour Blonde Ale 6. Cismontane St. Peter Belgian Pale Ale 5. Cismontane Swarzhop International Dark Lager 6. Compaby Temporada Saison 8. Cismontane The Citizen California Common 6. Cismontane The Citizen American Lager 6.

Cismontane The Mesa 4 Fruit Beer 7. Cismontane Tj Brewihg Cismontane Tread Lightly 6. American IPA 6. Cismontane Vienna Lager Vienna Lager 5. Cismontane Whiting's Wit Witbier 5. Cistmontane El Toro Trio 6.

Cistmontane IPA 5.


Located in Santa Ana, Cismontane is a purveyor of fine crafted beers. Since 2009 we have been focusing on brewing great beers with real intention. There is no particular style or creedo in our line but just quality no matter what we are making. Getting creative is important to us so longs as the beers are impeccable.…

123 reviews of Cismontane Brewing Company "Cismontane does it right with their tasting room experience. Visiting a craft brewery should be a mellow but fun experience. Unpretentious. Good beer for a fair price. Games. BYO food. Plentiful seating.…4/5(123)…

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Cismontane Brewing Company in Santa Ana offers flavorful eats and tasty desserts.At Cismontane Brewing Company, you won't have to worry about circling the block multiple times to find parking. Bikers can store their bikes safely while they enjoy a meal at Cismontane Brewing Company.Location: 1409 E Warner Ave, Santa Ana, 92705, CA…