That stock will be issued after a restructuring, so its value is unclear. How did we get here, and why should you care? Read on, crypto-history buffs! Or you could watch this loop of Bart Simpson falling down stairs for ten hours. Same difference. The Long Blockchain story bears depressing parallels to the phenomenon of celebrity plastic surgery disasters. The beverage business might have been struggling because, despite the booze-soaked connotations of its name, it sold-non alcoholic teas.

In Decemberwith the crypto-bubble swollen like an engorged tick, the company Blockchain Tea Company it would pivot to cryptocurrency and change its name to Long Blockchain. And then, the freshly remade Long Blockchain tripped through a series of hilarious fuckups. The Blockchain Tea Company Yoder Furniture Company official in Aprilbut Long Blockchain said it would remain a public company and let its stock trade over the counter OTCroughly the equivalent of a washed-up Blockchain Tea Company filming high-concept home movies.

In July, the company named a new CEO —its third in seven months—and spun up a subsidiary to focus on blockchain applications in corporate loyalty programs.