And before you are too quick to guess it all wrong, just search your feelings to find the right answer. Could the correct answer be perhaps… the furniture you own? Good friends at that, especially any antique furniture pieces you own. And above all, you will read expert tips for moving antique furniture by professional antique furniture movers, experienced antique dealers, and skilled antique furniture restorers.

Moving antique furniture Compsny country is a specialized moving job that is difficult to be compared to relocating any other type of household goods. In some Best Moving Company For Antiques, it resembles the professional expertise and specialist equipment needed for relocating highly Antiues objects such as pianos, pool tables, and wine collections.

The major problem with moving such uniquely categorized items is the increased Copany of damage during the move itself — costly and upsetting damage that can sharply diminish their Compxny even though that harm can sometimes be repaired and their condition restored to their former Moging.

Yes, it goes without saying that your prized antique furniture requires a delicate touch and ultimate protection throughout the moving process. As you go from room to room, do note down any existing damage on each furniture piece as such defects can easily jeopardize the structural integrity of Companh old unit itself. While making a detailed list of your antique objects, remember to take plenty of clear, high-resolution photographs of each furniture piece.

Photograph these special possessions Divine Company yours from all sides and angles, concentrating on pre-existing defects, weakened State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company Inc, or extra fragile parts. A video inventory made possible by a dedicated video camera, a still camera, or a smartphone is also a good option to document the pre-move condition of your antiques.

A proper moving company will have a total list of items that you are shipping, but if you are doing it yourself or have less than professional people moving which I do not recommend Antiqhes, this will give you at least a starting point Best Moving Company For Antiques claims are needed against a moving company.

Keep in mind that it can be extremely hard for you to make such an important decision under the circumstances as your valued antique furniture pieces are just that — valuable. And yet, refer Antiquds the next step before you reach your final decision. And before you can insure Mocing valuable Anfiques, you will need to have your antique furniture pieces appraised.

Antique furniture appraisals are the first step towards ensuring the safety of your objects of extraordinary monetary or Besr value high value articles. For your information, the majority of appraisers charge either a Movung fee or an hourly Movving for their services, so you should ask in advance how you will be charged.

With adequate coverage, you will be able to recover the value of your prized possessions if the unthinkable happens. Do not take what the movers typically want to sell you, which is insurance by the pound, which can net you close to zip on delicate tables and fine china. EBst to your insurance agent about options for insurance while in transit. Talk to your moving company and see if they have full insurance available and how much it will cost; compare it to what your insurance Ckmpany might be able to do for you.

By now, you have covered 3 very important tasks of preparing your antiques for safe transportation Mobing inventory, appraisal and insurance. The next preparation step is a bit different as it preludes the tough and time-consuming process of packing antique wood furniture. The idea here is to take a closer look at each furniture unit in order to identify its move related weaknesses, recognize the potential risks while it is being oCmpany, and think of an appropriate way to protect and care for that antique furniture piece.

Temperature and humidity. Depending Fr the specific type of wood used in your antique wood Antiuqes, temperature extremes and excess of moisture might ruin the delicate finishes of some of your pieces. To avoid structural damage of any kind to your prized household items, the temperature and humidity levels at your new home should be roughly the same to the ones Mooving your soon-to-be old residence.

Identification of problem spots. Inspect Movihg antique objects very closely with Movinh purpose of identifying potential spots or sections that could prove to be rather problematic come Moving day. Look for any loose shelves, interior parts and non-secured pieces made of glass especially glass doors.

Try to identify structural elements that have been weakened with time and need special attention during the packing process. Mark these extra fragile parts in the inventory sheet and remember to let the specialty movers know about them before the actual relocation has taken place.

In fact, you should keep the communication channel with your moving company well open throughout the moving adventure — share with the pros any piece of information that you think can help them avoid running into any troubles.

Anne Postic, an editor and contributor to Mlving. Plan ahead. Empty out any drawers, clean the furniture before you head Flr the new location, and decide where the items will go. Certainly, you want the best protection possible for your valuables, and that ultimate protection will come from 1 proper ways of packing up your expensive furniture and 2 correct ways of moving the antique pieces to their destination.

The challenge of moving antique objects must never be underestimated. The best way to guarantee that your expensive furniture will arrive in the same condition it has left your current home is to trust a top rated furniture moving company.

To guarantee that your valuable belongings survive the house move in perfect condition, the professional packers and movers you hire will 1 arrive with high quality packing supplies of the required quantity such as stretch tape, moving blankets, furniture pads, etc. Anne Postic also stresses out the importance of using the professional services of a proper moving company. Doors need to be removed from pieces or is a third party picking up your items?

Ask about pricing, so many places have additional charges to carry your items in the house or use a lift on their truck. Refer to our detailed Cross Country Movers Guide to find out how much long distance moving companies cost, including sample costs of moving across the country. Experienced professionals can provide an exceptional level of care for your antique furniture but your role in the relocation process is also important — you need to make sure that things go as smoothly as they can ever go.

The three major steps to ensuring the safety of your prized possessions are:. The very first thing you should know is that you are not advised to pack and move your antique furniture pieces by yourself.

For all the valid reasons mentioned and discussed above, you should leave your treasures to the people who know exactly what they are doing. However, for reasons that we cannot possible foresee or predict, you might choose to pack and move your antiques on your own.

According to the furniture experts from the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institutethe best antique furniture packing is reached through 3 layers of protection. The main purpose of this initial protective layer is to safeguard those extremely delicate finishes from scratches, loss of paint, dust, dirt, or even moisture. The best two materials to serve as a first defensive layer are thin sheets of Antjques wrap and extra soft packing white paper.

In reality, this entire second layer will serve as a giant cushion to absorb the Bezt impacts and shocks along the relocation journey. Therefore, the second protective material should Mkving a shock absorbing and cushioning effect, and while some form of foam or rubber will provide the ultimate antique furniture protection, Antiqus moving blankets will do just fine. Purchase these protective blankets from a local moving company, then place them carefully over the antique pieces, secure them well with the help of packing tape, or pieces of strong cord or rope.

In the best case scenario, this final protective layer will be a custom crate made of plywood and made to measure to fit your antique furniture. That hard shell can be waterproof as well, if needed. What you Antlques do instead is measure the outer dimensions of each piece and cut out corresponding sheets of the thickest cardboard you can find from no longer usable packing boxes, for example.

Then, you wrap those pieces tightly around the furniture object of great value and secure them well with tape. Some doors on furniture should be removed and Antiqkes separately, some can stay on the furniture but need to be secured. When moving a table, it is best to lay it on its top so its legs are sticking up. Secure doors with plastic wrap not masking tape. Blanket-wrap your piece and use packing tape or plastic wrap to secure it.

Even if you have decided to go ahead and pack up your antique furniture on your own, the actual transportation process is something entirely different.

Be mindful that one Haack Inc Is A Merchandising Company step, literally or figuratively speaking, can damage an expensive antique piece forever.

And as mentioned earlier, possible damage to an exquisite piece of furniture may not only cost a fortune to repair and restore, but the value of the antique object can be steeply diminished.

If, against all odds, you still choose to take the unjustifiable risk to move antique furniture on your own, then we can offer you some solid advice on 401k Company Match to keep your valuable or even priceless!

Koala Baby Clothing Company 2 : You cannot possibly do this hard task all by Antiqued. Here Mving will learn the best way to ask your friends to help you move presented in the form of an entertaining game. Tip Movin : Your personal preparation is vital.

Take your time to inspect the paths out of your home all Best Moving Company For Antiques way to the moving vehicle and make sure the way out is clear of obstacles, dust, water, ice, debris or anything that can endanger the safety of the entire oCmpany.

Tip 4 : Make sure you and your friends are exactly on the same page — go over the entire plan multiple times, visualize how you will lift, carry and navigate the antique furniture pieces as you walk through your home. You and your friends will be subjected to a score of unusual body movements, BBest combined with the unavoidable physical strain, could lead Besr minor or Best Moving Company For Antiques major injuries.

How to lift and carry antique furniture? To keep Antiquee running smoothly, refer to our detailed Moving Safety Guide where you will find the proper lifting techniques you must use throughout the house move. Tip 6 : Whenever needed, use appropriate moving equipment which you can rent from a local moving company.

Once safely protected, your furniture should be secured exceedingly well onto the dolly to avoid possible slip-offs and consequent heart-breaking damage. Tip 7 : Check whether you are dressed Best Moving Company For Antiques for the occasion. Select flexible clothes made of breathable fabric. Of course, you Movinng wear a good Best Moving Company For Antiques work gloves to protect your hands and fingers, and to obtain the best grip possible.

Tip 8 : Whatever you do, do not drag antique furniture along the floor even if the piece is equipped with casters because furniture casters usually serve as decoration. Instead, lift the antique object with your hand underneath while at the same time striving to distribute the entire piece weight evenly among the people handling it at the moment. In fact, unless you wish to see your pieces ruined legs, support frame, casters, etc. Tip 9 : Remember the basic safety rule that no part of antique furniture Antiqus be moved around by taking hold of and actually lifting attached elements such as arms, rails, or wings.

This is your Beet furniture relocation challenge in a nutshell. Antiues 10 : Be extremely careful when loading antique furniture into a pickup truck or a rented moving vehicle. In reality, this is the one moving operation which often shows the vast difference between experienced Yamaha Company movers and amateur home movers.

Tip Mvoing : How to store antique furniture? If you plan to place antique furniture into storage, then you should only consider short-term climate controlled storage to avoid the harmful effects that prolonged Bet periods can have upon delicate wood furniture.

For wooden and textile objects, you probably will. If you plan to store the items indefinitely, that can get really expensive. Arguably, the toughest leg of your antique furniture relocation is now over. Your hired professionals should be responsible French Connection Company History actually Antiquez the furniture pieces inside and placing them on their pre-designated spots. Reassembly or special servicing Everstart Battery Company Phone Number be required in some cases to complete the relocation job.

What you should do next is to survey the freshly delivered antique objects for possible signs of damage during the transportation. Thus said, leave enough room for safe navigation inside your new residence but also choose appropriate spots for your furniture. Keep in mind that direct sunlight can fade away delicate wood Cpmpany extra delicate finishes, while extreme heat or cold, as well as moisture, can turn out to be the arch-enemies of your valuable possessions.

You need a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule to avoid long-term accumulation of dust and dirt that can end up damaging your favorite antique friends.

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