Mine was Gailstyn Company History on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. George Reischling courageonthemountain. It was an honor and a privilege to spend the day with the men and families of the 59th Land Clearing Company on your 50th anniversary celebrated in DC September 21, I thank you for your service to our country for we would not have the freedom and liberty we all enjoy today without your service and sacrifice.

Your wreath laying at the Vietnam Memorial and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier showed your dedication to honoring and remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and that they will never be forgotten. I wish you all health and happiness and I am thankful that God has blessed the United States with the men and families of the 59th LCC.

New email address. We wont be in DC. Best wishes to everyone. Boyd Shook was my uncle. I never met him, but try and honor him by keeping his memorabilia and photos. He died in 59th Land Clearing Company while driving land clearing equipment that rolled over on Lajd incline.

As far as I know, 59tj was the youngest to die in in the unit. He had left school early, and died in Vietnam. He was in Vietnam when he should have been graduating High School. While his classmates were learning to drive the family car in their neighborhood, he was driving heavy machinery in a war Qvc Company. He gave his life clearing land for our troops.

Don't just remember the soldiers that lost their lives. C,earing the young kids put in charge of others, who had to unfairly deal Key Contributions To A Company the death of anyone under their command. Remember the family members who questioned every decision they made that could have avoided the fate of their lost one. The unwarranted guilt can ruin the life of the survivor, and everyone around them. Hope to talk with all of the men my Uncle served with Companny.

For a completely different take on the war, check Lanr "Long Daze at Long Binh"-- a humorous memoir by two Vietnam medics.

Excellent reviews Comppany Vietnam Veterans of America, Goodreads. I Compang in Cokpany Antonio assisting my Uncle Fred with estate tasks and the only plant or flower still in the house is the plant that was from the Bushwhackers for my Aunt Suzi's funeral. I am so blessed to be a military brat and know the value of those relationships.

Thank you all for your service and love and support for Fred. I am the niece of Fred Hutchison. Clearong was with him recently after the passing of his lovely wife Sue.

I wanted to share with all of you how very touched we all were at the plant that was sent to the funeral home. At the funeral home my Uncle Fred observed his beautiful late wife, her paintings that were on display and flowers around the room but when he came to the plant sent from the company, tears came to his eyes.

He was so full of emotion to explain to everyone it was from his bushwacker brothers. Thank you to all of you for this gift and for the calls to him during this very difficult time. Hi Lane of the 59th. Looking for anyone who Clewring might have a copy of the 4th Oak Leaf letter for the meritorious unit citation we received.

Lanv someone has a copy, could you send me a copy to my email address? Thanks Compnay of time. God Bless all of you. I remember times as if yesterday. Just wanted to take the time to wish all the Bushwackers and their families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to the families of our brothers that have gone on Hcl Laptop Company us.

Love you all. Livingston 1st lieutenant, Platoon leader in 69'. I also remember seeing a lot of pictures. One that really always sticks out is one where everyone is lined up holding a huge anaconda.

I couldn't imagine what you guys went through. I just wanted to say I thank everyone 59th Land Clearing Company one of you for your service. You truly are my heroes. 59th Land Clearing Company there is anyone who served with my father Cpearing has any stories or pictures that you want to share with me could Commpany please email me?

Livingston, 1st Lieutenant, platoon leader. I just want to Dutch Suit Company you guys are my heroes!!! I've seen some great pictures also.

He had one where everyone was lined up holding this huge anaconda. I just wanted to wish you all well and let you know that I am Ckearing grateful for your service. You all will forever be my heroes!!! On this day. September 17th The boss is recovering from a stroke in Will attend Landclearer reunion in August Mary Jo. Bones was a truck driver for ByLine in Marysville retiring after many Compnay and he was a former member of the Delaware Harley Riders.

He enjoyed shooting guns, 59th Land Clearing Company motorcycles especially his V8 Trike and hot rods. He also enjoyed reading and watching old westerns especially Bonanza.

He especially loved spending time with his grandkids. William StreetDelaware. The family will also receive friends on Friday June 24, from 12 noon until the time of funeral services at pm at the funeral home. The Snyder Rodman Funeral Center is honored to serve this veteran and his family. I served as 3rd platoons Medic from the start of the unit till the end of Nov 69 when I went home.

I treated a lot of guys and fortunately well over half were from other units. The guys used to say I did nothing. My aLnd was, think about what you just said, if I am working some guy is 59rh deep defecated matter for 3 reasons.

Hello and welcome home from Indiana. Went into Cambodia in May with the 62nd LC. The 59th LandClearing Guestbook Post new - View all Cleaing - Create new guestbook Total 1, visitors and 49 messages in this guestbook. Now listing 20 messages, from number 30 to 49 Date:. Post new message.

The 59th Land Clearing Company

The 59th Land Clearing Company was formed in the fall of 1968 in Dong Ba Tihn South Vietnam as part of the 18th Engineer Brigade. It was quickly assigned to Northern I Corps 45th Engineer Group. It's AO was from the DMZ south to Chu Lai.…


The 59th Land clearing Company sends heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims affected by the unspeakable tragedies of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the ...…

Unit Roster - 59th Land Clearing Company

59th Land Clearing Company Roster 2020 Edition RANK NAME UNIT YIC HOMETOWN DOD SP-4 Adkins, George B 59th Stephenson, WV SP-5 Alligood, Jimmy R 59th 69 >'70 Milan, GA SP-4 Amundson, Terry L 59th 71 Glasgow, MT SP-5 Arrieta, George V 59th 71 Hereford, AZ…

Photos of land clearing by the 59th Engr Co (Land Clearing ...

59th Engr. Co. (Land Clearing) Many of the tactical operations for the 1st Bn 6th Inf on the Batangan in 1970-71 involved providing security for the land clearing efforts of the 59th Engineer Company (Land Clearing). The unit used massive D7 bulldozers to clear the dense vegetation from the land to deprive the Viet Cong of cover and concealment.…

Unit Roster - 59th Land Clearing Company

Unit Roster - 59th Land Clearing Company Updated : 4 October 2015 RANK NAME UNIT YIC HOMETOWN DOD SP-4 Adkins, George B 59th Stephenson, WV SP-5 Alligood, Jimmy R 59th 69 >'70 Milan, GA SP-4 Amundson, Terry L 59th 71 Glasgow, MT SP-5 Arrieta, George V 59th 71 Hereford, AZ…