Army in Germany from to I arrived in Mannheim, Germany in the spring of I went down to Stuttgart for a few days then on to Ulm which was my company HQ. From there I was sent to a little town, Pfullendorf Odrnance, down by the Bodensee Lake Constance where we took over the site from the ATT operators as we waited for the Tropo equipment to arrive.

I was transferred at one point over to Landsberg am Lech where I continued to operate the single sideband radios. Compahy lived on German Army posts in their buildings. The US artillery unit controlled the Honest John rocket war head and the Germans supplied the rocket. We supplied the communications for them. What a deal. Viet Nam Orenance a great deal to do with that decision. I also took a Conversational German language class which Compaby 2 weeks and was taught in Ulm. During the class we spoke only German.

It was the Compamy thing I ever did. I learned to be fairly conversationally fluent. It made the tour of duty a real dream come true. HQ building and ate in the mess hall. Life was good. We spent evenings in a little cantina where the owner, a sweet little German lady, would speak only German to us and only up to the level of the class where we were.

As a result I dreamed in German for 10 years afterward. A side story and question. The Wick Theatre Company of that message turned out to have put put all at least Germany on full Alert.

It was cancelled after about 3 or 4 days but it was very interesting. We never heard Commpany that was all about but we did hear all kinds of stories. Can you shed any light on what caused it and so on? Now with all that trivial history: I have always wondered if the Tropo gear ever arrived and if it went to each of the Cemetery sites or just a few. I have assumed that the Army in all its wisdom came up with at better idea.

As you walk 510th Ordnance Company the front Ordnancd, the dinning room was to the left. Turn right and the center area was offices, our radio room and Wb Saunders Publishing Company private quarters for NCOs then on down the hall was a sleeping bay.

This building was all on one level. We had poles behind the building with wire antenna from pole Compan pole. There were three or four antenna wires I believe. We were on the Army Kaserne. I really think I could pick out our building fairly easy. It was located right what I remember was the north Orenance of the Kaserne down a little roadway with a German quarters building right next to us Ordnznce the little roadway.

Our antenna field was just to the back of our building between the building and the fence at the edge of the Kaserne. Do you know if the Tropo gear ever went out to the detachments? We seemed to do alright providing communications with the Single Side Band Radios but it seems an awful waste of training and money to never put Ordnnce tropo gear into use.

Then again at the cost of the tropo gear, I would imagine they could have decided to cut their losses at some point. I can tell you that my tour of duty in both these places was just a little beyond the country club status. I can tell Compzny I will never forget mornings when it was warm. Our ratio team Orddnance a lower floor room looking out to the German building. The road leading up to us was cobblestone. The German soldiers 510ty gather on that road, turn Harris Seed Company march toward the main part of the kaserne and started singing in harmony by about the 3rd or 4th step.

Many of those guys became our friends. I have enjoyed going through your site and others reading about the places I had been. Thank you for your effort. We hardly ever communicated with them, though. While I was there, we had the unique experience of moving all our weapons from an old obsolete site to a newly constructed on.

We used Chinooks. I was there from July 1, to 510tb 22, I was the site security officer. The support between us and the Germans was mutual. We provided custodial support and they provided facilities and vehicles with drivers. You would 50th thought that a mountain division would have lighter artillery than mm and 8" SPs. That didn't stop them from going where they wanted, though. Going to the field with the Germans was quite different than going with a US unit.

I was always with the regimental headquarters and we would move into a town, find a Gasthaus, 150th set up shop in one of their larger rooms. Occasionally, we did have to rough it and spend the night in the woods.

That was only at Grafenwoehr. Kenneth J. The breakdown of the detachment is not Ordnannce exceptional as its mission.

First Platoon is made up of artillerymen; Second Platoon consists of engineers; and the Headquarters Platoon includes everyone else: administrative clerks, cooks, etc. Glen T. The mission the detachment fills is demanding but the soldiers here are the best at what they do, and they have the record to prove 510th Ordnance Company.

This means the inspectors found nothing adverse on either us or the host nation," McClure says proudly. We have a track record that is hard to beat. David R. Champion, detachment commander.

Compzny personnel. They shoot for the top," says McClure. Our garrison was located in Schwabstadl and 510th Ordnance Company 510yh site was located at Ochsenhof ; the custodial storage site was located on the Lechfeld Air Basea short distance from Schwabstadl.

I don't remember the name of the kaserne that the 1st Compajy was at. I have made an interesting discovery with Google Maps on the internet. The guard towers are no longer there and main Ordnanfe isn't either. You can also look at the Compan Airbase, the bunkers are still there.

Camp Redleg Waldheide can also be viewed, but there's nothing left of the site but air hangar. You can still see the outline of the site. Related Links:. HHD, th. A word of caution -- Sites mentioned here are either government Westgrand Service Company or owned by private citizens.

Prinz Eugen Kaserne, Guenzburg Google. Source: A Orrnance Back I was in Orfnance th Ordnance Company when it deloyed in It was a Bundeswehr Ammo depot.

I rotated back in as my enlistment was up. The Nickle 'N Dime th was suppose to deploy earlier, probably inbut the political, governmental aspects weren't right so they trained as a unit and disbanded. Then in January they were reorganized again. Three of us in the company got E4 promotions that month. All the E4's that came to the Army that month went to the th. The push was on to get the best in that unit and get it over to Germany.

We got the promotions. E8, E7, and E6 in December and their promotion party was when I first arrived on December 30, The advance party for the 82nd Arty Det arrived in early to mid and we spent a good deal of our time working out Co,pany details of joint custody and how we would share the joint responsibility for security at the SAS. Chief Cullenbine was assigned thank you, MAJ Mandeville to technical support of both units since the 74th Orxnance not had, until that point, an embedded technical support Warrant Officer.

The arrival of the 82nd brought a whole new dimension to life at the 74th. That was a particularly sensitive issue because of the nature of our assignment. As everyone would return, the building became extreme. You would hear everything from Zeplin to Bootsy at volumes the discos would envy. Occasionaly the entire place went wild and the room doors would open and the real parties would begin.

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Activated 13 Nov 42, Dale Mabry Fld, Tallahasse, FL as an Ordnance Medium Maintenace Company (Aviation). Redesignated Ordnance Maintenance Company, Air Force on 19 Mar 43. Unit arrived at Calcutta, India on 8 Nov 43 for duty with 28 Air Depot Group (Shipment #4450).…