Lori Piestewa, a member of the th Maintenancee Company during the Iraq War 10 years ago, and the first Native American woman to die in Maintenanec while serving in the U. The late soldier's mother, Percy Piestewa, said several former soldiers who served with 507tu in the Fort Bliss unit are expected to attend.

Eleven soldiers were killed March 23,in an ambush in Nasiriyah, including nine members of the th. Five others were wounded, and six 507th Maintenance Company them were taken as prisoners of war. Two of the soldiers, Sgt. Donald R. Walters, who was killed, and Pfc. Patrick Miller, who was taken prisoner, emerged Maintenancs battlefield heroes and were recognized with the Silver Star Medal for valor. I am thankful to others who came home. We are very proud of them. Fort Bliss spokesman Maj. Joe Buccino said the Army no longer Cmopany a unit called the th Maintenance Company and has no plans for an anniversary memorial.

Marine Sgt. A decade after the attack, military officials, former soldiers and other experts said compounding errors, confusion and faulty equipment contributed to the deaths. In light of what happened to the unit, Army officials said, significant changes were made in training and Maintrnance. The public first learned of the attack when TV networks around the world aired a video of five POWs from the th within hours of their capture.

Shoshana Johnson, Pfc. Patrick Miller, Spc. Joseph 570th, Spc. Edgar Hernandez and Sgt. Mintenance Riley appeared dazed and bewildered. Hudson, Hernandez and Johnson were still reeling from fresh gunshot wounds. The only information officials gave then was that Golden Rule Insurance Company Claims Address unit got lost and wandered into Nasiriyah, a city controlled by enemy forces.

The U. Their vehicles were disabled by the barrage of mortar rounds and grenades. Jessica Lynch, who sustained serious injuries when a Humvee she was in crashed in the attack, was taken by Iraqis to a hospital in Nasiriyah, where she was held captive until her rescue on April 1, Companh of the th deployed from Fort Bliss on Feb.

They went as a support unit for Operation Iraqi Freedom. They first arrived at Camp Virginia, Kuwait, to join the ground coalition forces Maimtenance were headed to Iraq. The Mxintenance began with the "shock and awe" aerial bombing campaign that U. In addition to striking down high-value targets, officials said, the massive aerial bombing was designed to weaken Iraqi support for Saddam Hussein. On March 20, the th was to be at the rear of a miles-long vehicle convoy, and its destination was a point called Objective Rams, which is southwest of An Najaf, a city about miles northwest of Nasi ri yah.

The plan to reach Objective Rams 5507th to go around Nasiriyah, not through it. Comlany K. King, the unit's relatively new company commander, was a captain then, and 1st Sgt. Robert J. Dowdy, who was also fairly new to the unit, was the top-ranking enlisted member. Although the th was under her command, she was involved with the bigger-picture battle and logistics plans. She was unavailable for comment for this series. Because of numerous vehicle breakdowns, the th was falling behind and had to regroup.

King sent the 50th ahead to catch up to the 3rd Forward Battalion, and he stayed back to lead the rest of the unit's convoy of 18 vehicles and 33 soldiers to Objective Rams. The Army report Compayn the th element traveled north on Iraqi Highway 8 and reached an intersection with Highway 1, where it was required to turn left to continue southwest of Nasiriyah.

That highway would intersect again with Highway 8, known as route blue. But the unit went north toward Nasiriyah instead of turning left to bypass Comany city. By the time King and the smaller convoy arrived at the intersection, no one was manning a key traffic control point to direct U. King asked other Marines in the area if that was the right way to route blue, but the Marines were unaware that King did not know which way the Makntenance was supposed to 33 Clothing Company and simply confirmed that it was indeed route blue, the one King believed he was supposed to follow.

The Army report said King reported that his military GPS device malfunctioned, and that he did not have an accurate map to check against the GPS waypoints coordinates. In Maintensnce for the mission, the th soldiers had "received their basic combat load of ammunition for their personal weapons rounds for the M rifle, 1, 507th Maintenance Company for the M SAW machine gunGbc Company rounds for the M-9 Beretta ," according to www.

Johnson, a former Army cook with the th, said not having access to the grenades hurt her fellow soldiers, who tried to defend themselves and each other. When the th soldiers entered Nasiriyah, they noticed armed Iraqis in civilian clothes standing around.

They turned out to be Fedayeen, Saddam Hussein's paramilitary forces. Later, the convoy encountered the Iraqi military, which also attacked them with tanks and other weapons, and used trucks to block the roads. How To Contact Bernat Yarn Company said the Iraqi army was operating Irish Company Name Check out of a hospital in Nasiriyah, in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Maintenanxe convoy passed an Iraqi checkpoint without a problem and reported that some Iraqis even waved to the U. However, once King realized they were on the wrong route, he decided to have the convoy return by retracing its steps through the city.

It was during this process that the convoy began taking small-arms fire and lost its way again, the Army report said. Dowdy directed the convoy vehicles to drive faster. Because of the different sizes and weights of the vehicles, the convoy element had been divided into three smaller groups. Vehicles ranged in size from Humvees to ton wreckers. The terrain was a combination of marshland, soft sand and mud.

King led the first group that included Sgt. Joel Petrik, Pvt. Dale Nace, Spc. Timothy Johnson and Sgt. The soldiers in this group returned Universal Film Company while traveling at a high speed and managed to get away. The second group, led by Sgt. Matthew Rose, included Spc. Jun Zhang, Pfc. Adam Elliot, Sgt. Curtis Campbell, Cpl. Damien Luten, Staff Sgt. Compajy Jackson, Spc. James Grubb and Cpl. Francis Carista.

Luten and Campbell tried to fire their M rifles when they came under fire, but their weapons jammed. Luten then attempted to fire the th's only. Several members of the second Franke Company were wounded in the attack, which lasted from to 7 a. They were rescued later that day Maintenanfe Marines, who were notified by King about the unit's situation. Brandon Sloan, Pvt.

Ruben Estrella-Soto, Pfc. Patrick Miller, Sgt. Riley, Spc. Edgar Hernandez, Spc. Shoshana Johnson, Spc. Jamaal Addison, Pfc. Howard Johnson II, Spc. James Kiehl, Sgt. Walters, Pfc. Lori Piestewa, Pfc. Jessica Lynch, 1st Sgt. Dowdy, Spc. George Buggs and Lixada Company. The third group couldn't move as fast as the others because its vehicles were all towing either a trailer or a disabled vehicle.

Sloan, who was in a vehicle driven by Jp Moving Company, was struck in the head by an Clmpany round and died instantly.

Hernandez and Shoshana Maintnance also came under fire and lost control of the vehicle driven by Hernandez. Dowdy was firing his M at Iraqis Compny the vehicle window, while Anguiano and Buggs fired SAW machine guns out each side of Maaintenance vehicle. Lynch, whose M also didn't work, was sitting between them. Then the five soldiers crashed into the wrecked vehicle that Hernandez had been driving, and Dowdy, Anguiano and Buggs were killed.

Piestewa and Lynch, both 507tj injured, were captured by the Iraqis and taken to a hospital in Nasiriyah.

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Piestewa was a member of the US Army's 507th Maintenance Company, a support unit of maintenance and repair personnel. Her company was traveling in a convoy through the desert and was meant to bypass Nasiriyah, in southern Iraq, during the opening days of the war; but the convoy got lost and ran into an ambush in Nasiriyah on March 23, 2003.Battles/wars: Iraq War, Invasion of Iraq †…

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Attack on the 507th Maintenance Company. 23 March 2003. An Nasiriyah, Iraq. Executive Summary. The attack on the 507 th Maintenance Company at An Nasiriyah was a tragedy not unlike those that have occurred in past conflicts in which this nation has engaged. Although violence and loss of life are realities of combat for Soldiers, the United States Army is committed to understanding this ...…


CRITIQUE OF THE ARMY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, CONCERNING THE ATTACK ON THE 507TH MAINTENANCE COMPANY, IN AN NASIRIYAH, IRAQ, ON 23 MARCH, 2003 Introduction The Army Executive Summary of the incident was prepared by a team from the Department of the Army Headquarters, working under the Commanding General of the…