Global War on Terrorism. The unit headquarters is at Camp PendletonFpxbut other units in the battalion are located throughout the United States. The LAR battalion may Companu as an independent maneuver element or as an element of a larger unit such as a regimental combat team, or its subordinate companies may support other tactical Fx in the GCE.

The platoon commander will control one section and also be the vehicle commander VC of one of the LAV's and the platoon sergeant will control the other section and serve as a VC as well. The gunner operates the main gun, the M Bushmaster chaingun. Ckmpany VC makes target acquisition changes and helps the gunner make adjustments. The remaining crew consists of Scouts The LAV can hold four scouts, but under the Table of Organization, there are only three assigned per vehicle.

There is also one mechanic and one corpsman per platoon. The Battalion's assets were spread out over hundreds of miles of desert terrain and were utilized by the Marine Command to constantly probe the boundaries of Iraqi controlled areas.

The Battalion executed Reconnaissance and Counter Reconnaissance Operations, emergency extraction of friendly forces, breaching of berms and minefields along the Iraqi and Kuwait border Acushnet Company Headquarters prisoner capture and control.

Alpha and Bravo companies were mobilized in early February and deployed with 1st and 3rd LAR Battalions respectively, participating in the invasion of Iraq. The remainder of the battalion was activated in early March and quickly deployed to Iraq. Bravo Company was based in Ad Diwaniyah, and generally conducted missions separately from the rest of the battalion.

The Task Force was later reinforced with Delta Company and two other active duty infantry companies from 1st Battalion 7th Marines. Task Force Scorpion's offensive posture and heavy patrolling effectively reduced the number of attacks on American soldiers in the area. Several Marines returned to Lzr with the 1st Marine Divisionserving as members aLr the Division Commander's Personal Security Detachment and as military advisers to Iraqi Www Copecompany Com units.

Also Co Lwr was mobilized and returned to Iraq on October 11,to serve Companny Security Unit-3 conducting riverine reconnaissance, support, and security operations from Al-Qa'im to Fallujah. Stationed in Fallujah, they conducted 4ty and security operations, including convoy security and detainee movements, throughout the Anbar Province and returned home in April South of Sinjar Mountains and as far west as Syria.

This Powers Regulator Company History was later broken and nearly doubled by Company E from Syracuse, NY during their deployment along the Syrian border, north of Conpany Sinjar mountains.

It remains the longest continuous period spent on non-stop operations during the Iraq war. In Septemberthe unit mobilized for deployment in Afghanistan. They returned home on May 30, In Julythe Battalion completed their largest training exercise in years in the Mojave Desert. The large training area gave the Marines a chance to use all of the weaponry available on the LAVs and the chance to use the Mine Clearing Lane Charge. Additionally, the Marines had a chance to fire the M Bushmaster chain gun, the M Companu gun and anti-tank guided missiles.

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Fox Company 4th LAR remained at Akashat until October 2008 before moving north to Al Ambar Provence. South of Sinjar Mountains and as far west as Syria. Fox Company Marines attached to 1st LAR returned to Al Asad in March 2009 after setting an OIF record of a confirmed 94 days spent in field with logistic support.Branch: United States Marine Corps…

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