Stevedore operations were established by the United States Army to provide movement of supplies through ports in support of the American Expeditionary Forces during World War I. The first American stevedores in France were civilians. Stevedores Qusrtermaster originally organized into regiments, and were among the Quartedmaster troops sent to France.

Three regiments and two separate battalions were deployed, and were 301st Quartermaster Company reorganized into separate battalions and transferred from the Army Service Corps to the Transportation Corps. The battalions were inactivated in France and the troops were assigned to companies without a branch affiliation for their return to the U.

Stevedore operation began with a group of nearly civilian stevedores known as the transport workers battalion. Austin and later by Colonel Carey E. The st, nd and rd regiments were described by Henry Granville Sharpe as each having an authorized strength of Officers, Enlisted Men Whiteand Enlisted Men Colored.

QuartermqsterGerald Torrence, and Michael G. Knapp wrote "A stevedore regiment had an aggregate strength of 2, It consisted of a regimental headquarters, headquarters and supply company, two battalions, and a medical detachment. Each battalion consisted 301st Quartermaster Company four companies; each company consisted of soldiers three officers and enlisted men.

301st Quartermaster Company Army advertised for Colored men to enlist as stevedores. Married men who agreed to support their families and who were otherwise qualified were acceptable. Recruits were to be sent to Newport News, Virginia without benefit of being issued uniforms.

Men "accustomed to handling colored labor" were preferred; potential enlistees were required to present a letter of acceptance Quartermasteg the commander of the stevedore regiment to enlist.

By December 14,there were five stevedore regiments operating at Newport News, Virginia. The stevedores were described as being "happy as larks. In early Marchapproximately troops of an unidentified stevedore regiment rioted and attempted to wreck a store north of Newport News, Virginia. The riot followed an argument between a Colored soldier and a White clerk at a soda fountain. Troops of an infantry regiment were ordered to arrest the stevedores, who ran and failed to halt when so ordered.

The infantrymen fired and hit three stevedores; one died at the scene and another's wounds were probably Companj. After stevedores had deployed to France, they were unsuited for the work because they had substandard clothing and had been poorly fed and had had poor medical care; these conditions required remediation before the men could work.

There was some indecision about assigning them to the Army Service Corps, which was labor oriented, or to the Transportation Corps, which was oriented toward moving equipment. There were serious disagreements about administration, funding, discipline, allocation of supplies, and allocation of promotions. The Transportation Corps won the argument and the stevedores, along with railway units were transferred out of the Army Service Corps.

Stevedores were originally organized into regiments. This was found to lack flexibility because of varying demands at ports and they were reorganized into battalions. Austin was assigned to command the regiment. Goodwin was placed in command of the regiment. O'Leary was assigned as commander of the th. Dulin was ordered to assume command of the th. 301st Quartermaster Company unloaded supplies at American port facilities established in Brest, St. Nazaire, Bordeaux, Havre, and Marseilles all in France.

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The Quartermaster Corps is the U.S. Army's oldest logistics branch, established 16 June 1775. On that date, the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution providing for "one Quartermaster General of the grand army and a deputy, under him, for the separate army".. In 1802 under President Thomas Jefferson the size of the US Army was reduced with the Quartermaster Department being disbanded.…