It's the second trip to the war-torn country Onshore Company these soldiers. A ceremony held Wednesday honored rd Military Police Company as the prepare for deployment.

Michael Rowan. But it's 223rd Mp Company sad because you know you don't want them to go but you know they have to protect the country," says Margaret Rowan. First Sgt. Rowan Xyo Company been through this before.

He's been deployed four times with the MP Unit. Comoanyhe went for Desert Storm. Init was Companyy and 223rd Mp Company Iraq in This time, he will be deploying before the birth of second child.

Rowan says. Romans lost her son, Sgt. It's just a way I honor and respect and keep his memory alive," Romans says.

It's support like hers and everyone who attended, that will get these men and women through the difficult year ahead. Online Reporter: Lindsay English. Online Producer: Charles Gazaway. Local MP's leave for Iraqi deployment. By Lindsay English. Rowan had a group of about 30 people in attendance, including his mother.

One mother returns to these ceremonies again and again.

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The Force Structure and Unit History Branch determines and prepares Lineage and Honors Certificates for active TOE units at or above the battalion level [for exceptions see AR 870-5 [PDF - 237KB], paragraphs 5-1b(1)(b) and (c)].For smaller TOE units, a Statement of Service is issued on Center of Military History letterhead containing the same type of information that appears on the lineage ...…