After these Marines complete the run, 1st Battalion Bravo Company Parris Island will spend the rest of their afternoon with their families, friends and loved ones during on-base liberty.

Boot camp graduations are usually on Fridays. Sometimes, due to holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Marine Corps Birthday, graduation will be on a Wednesday. If that is the case the USMC schedule will indicate the alternate family day and graduation dates. Graduation and ship dates are kept up-to-date on this page, barring any delays by the Marine Corps. We encourage you to join your recruit's graduation group on Facebook.

It will be a great place for you to connect Rays Moving Company other families who have recruits 1st Battalion Bravo Company Parris Island through boot camp with your son or daughter.

Click on the link beside your recruit's graduation date to request to join that group. Looking for boot camp groups by graduation dates? We have a place to connect and share with other family members who have a recruit in Marine Corps boot camp. See the links below for Official Recruit Parents Facebook graduation groups. You will be approved to join the Recruit Training group two weeks prior to the ship date. Be sure to answer all three questions when requesting to join. Membership requests are reviewed every 12 hours.

Graduation Dates Boot camp graduations are usually on Fridays. Official MarineParents. Have a Poolee that has 1st Battalion Bravo Company Parris Island gone to boot camp yet?

Join the Official MarineParents.

1st Recruit Training Battalion

Within 1st Recruit Training Battalion, there are four companies: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. Each company contains an average of six platoons with 60 to 80 recruits per platoon. The battalion was established on Aug. 6, 1940, 25 years after Parris Island was first designated as ……