And it is yummy all by itself — 178 before you tear off a hot piece and scoop it into velvety warm, cheesy sauce made from a truly beery Compamy ale. Read the menu: Each beer is thoughtfully crafted and named, with a history and goal behind its development. Towpath Mango Blonde Ale plays true to its name, with mango tones in each refreshing swig. Kaercher Stadt-Blackberry Porter is rich, roasty and berry-ful going down the hatch. There are two sizes, small and large — such a nice choice to have, as two people can enjoy the smaller, while the bigger size can be passed around Brewinf the family or group.

Thin pepperoni wrapped around mozzarella is especially satisfying, spicy and cool and soft, while the Peter Brothers summer bologna 178 Lenhartsville is guilt-free with all flavor and hardly any fat. Each item is perfected 1787 Brewing Company a series of trials and tests.

The cole slaw — crunchy and tart, loaded Compant green and purple cabbage — took several tries to get exactly right, confesses Steve McBeth, one of the owners. But beyond simple, every week features outside-the-box, mouthwatering specials. Patrons adore the Special Burger, a fully integrated food-sculpture of 8-ounce Angus beef covered with melting Swiss Btewing, brown-caramelized sweet onion and wild mushrooms. Porter in homemade sauce lends a rich, Breqing character.

Even the bun is beautiful, gorgeously shiny with butter, black poppy seeds and onion bits. Tender French Fries are skinny, edged by potato skins, and encrusted with sea salt. Ice cream devotees must agree that has found an unforgettable way to proffer Lambert Pharmacy Company famous Way-Har chocolate ice cream, making it into a truly elegant, 1787 Brewing Company event.

Topping four generous mounds of ice cream are white and dark chocolate shavings, lavishly enriched by stout-infused Tfe Company sauce poured into the crevices. This ice cream ascends in status from milkmaid to royal lady. So rich, everyone will want a spoon. Take it to go! Love a beer you sample at ?

You can get it to go. Growlers and refills are available. Berks County Living Washington St. Skip to main content. Heidi Reuter. Heidi E.

1787 Brewing Company

Feb 15, 2020 · Welcome to the 1787 Brewing Company! So many beers to try! Eleven beers on tap! Order a flight so you can taste our variety. We have Ales, Lagers, and Stouts. Growlers and refills available. The beer is great and so is the food! We have something for everyone, even the kids. Be sure to check out our menu.…