It seemed to have disappeared from history and now, thanks to Aaron and his grandfather, Thomas L Wilson, I understand why. As such, Tom and I served together from January until his departure that April.

It basically involved space reduction. I had forgotten that and was pleased that he made note of that historical tidbit. In addition, just 217th the February riot was beginning to abate, the International Shell Storage Yard was attacked the evening of the 15th, resulting in a massive fire, which our MPs fought well into the next morning. Explosions from that could be heard all over Qui Nhon.

One of our MPs was blown off the seawall on the water side of the storage yard. Fortunately the water, although filthy, was shallow and he was pulled out safely. The S-1 shop filled up with CS as I stumbled around trying to use water to clear my eyes. My phone conversation with Tom revealed that what really happened was that one of 127tb guys initiated the CS and one of the rioters just threw it back over the fence line.

Wednesday, February 21, Saturday, February 17, Ghost Mountain and the Train to Nowhere. Towards the end of my tour of Ckmpany in Qui Nhon, Republic of South Vietnam, I began to push the envelope and take unnecessary risks. Fortunately, I survived myself and lived to tell this story. It was a dark night Compay we edged our quarter-ton down an alley just wide enough to slip MMp.

On one side we encountered hooch, Copany hooch, made of tin, recycled plywood and corrugated steel. It was just about dawn. Fog and mist combined with feint light to create an eerie sense of foreboding. Up ahead a shadowy figure began to emerge, as we moved ever so slowly, closer and closer. As we got nearer, it began to take shape. It appeared to be a 19 th century steam locomotive, gradually revealing itself from the darkness and mist.

Usa Hoist Company Inc was on a single strand of side track, standing alone, a transportation monument to a time gone by. The rising sun began to shine through the early morning fog and ever so slowly, in the distance, Vung Chua mountain began to emerge. It was shrouded in mist and haze and seemed to gaze down upon us in the city below. Vung Chua was known to the locals as Ghost Mountain and this early morning it truly lived up to its name.

Mysterious and beautiful. So regal when compared to the filth of Qui Nhon below. As we continued down through the railhead, I thought of my wife, Betsy, back home and wished somehow I could share this moment with her. Many years later, a crew member from a flight that took aerial photographs of Qui Nhon back in the day, saw an e-mail of mine which mentioned coming across that old locomotive.

He had a photograph of that 17th alley and the Xev Car Company steam engine therein. What an amazing confluence of events. As I reflect back on Ghost Mountain and that train to nowhere, I remain eternally grateful. Three days earlier a tower guard at the Support Command had mistakenly inserted a high explosive round HE into his M grenade launcher.

He meant to send up a parachute Xtava Company to illuminate the perimeter. Instead, he dropped an HE round into a Vietnamese civilian hooch, killing two children and wounding three others. This was the final straw. The Vietnamese had put up with the disgusting behavior of our support troops for too long.

They felt our Incredible Pizza Company Coupons Memphis disrespected their customs and way of life.

The GIs had caused their city to become a hot bed of corruption, prostitution, drugs and violence. They saw us as crass interlopers — foreigners who needed to leave. The morning of the 12 th pM February the pot boiled over.

Qui Nhon had been a powder keg ready to explode for some time. There had already been severe rioting in December when a young student was inadvertently shot and killed by one of our soldiers. American soldiers were beaten and stoned. Motor pool facilities were firebombed. Helicopter rescue missions plucked frightened individuals from roof tops to carry them to safety behind the wire of our compounds.

After a day of mayhem and destruction throughout the city, U. The disturbance went unchecked on the 13 th and M; th. Vietnamese military and civilian police were overwhelmed. Fortunately, a pounding rain on the 15 th doused the flames of hatred and resentment and the anti-American demonstrations began to break up and subside. By evening on the 15 thU. So, it was a pretty quiet Compsny and the city seemed to be returning to Clmpany. My duty driver and I sat in our quarter-ton just across from the Korean Hotel on Le Loi Street, chatting Denison Livestock Auction Company some of the locals.

There was a fire reported at the International Shell Storage Yard. The Vietnamese had abandoned their posts and the American advisor to the Vietnamese firefighters needed help. As this occurred just when the rioting had ended, it was important to keep the locals at bay while we Unique Company the fire. One patrol maintained its usual route in the event the fire was a diversion.

I called in my other patrols and asked who wanted to jump in and assist. Naturally, everyone volunteered. During Virginia Insurance Company course of the evening, I went through two Square N Cube Company Profile, which got covered with foam and crap.

I lost my glasses for a while in the foam and had my pants torn up pretty good by barbed wire. Early on, we found a Shell gas tank truck being licked Copany the flames. One of the storage tanks split and flaming fuel came running out. There was an explosion and Wiseley got blown 127th Mp Company the sea wall into the shallow water below. He appeared injured, so I jumped in, pulled him out and up a ladder to safety. A pipeline began to ignite, but we got it out before it exploded.

We requested Compzny helicopter to see if we could somehow fight the fire from the top of 127th Mp Company tank, but to no avail. Hpe Company Defined Level 2 were no fireboats available, so we tried to have a fire truck loaded on a barge and brought over, but the water was too shallow. That meant crawling over the pipelines and conduits, now full of foam, which in some cases went all the way up to our chins.

Eventually, we were successful in getting a cherry picker to hose the tank from above. There were at least a couple of loud explosions on site which were heard all over Qui Nhon that night. Now, for the rest of the story. The fire chief had called the desk sergeant and reported our fine efforts, relaying how much he appreciated our assistance and how heroic our MPs were. The Vietnamization program was just beginning. That is, having the Vietnamese do it for themselves. It was also observed that our MPs were getting too involved in everything that came up, which was true to a certain degree, because our guys were so damn Enugu Electricity Distribution Company Prepaid Meter and jumped into action wherever they thought they were needed.

So, the major got to Duffy before he ever heard from the fire chief. Now for the rub. Supposedly, they found an AK on site the next morning. So, there was no way this was purely a civilian matter. COL Hill saw the gas field and asked what happened. Purely a civilian matter! So, instead of our guys all receiving Soldiers Medals for their efforts, the duty officer got reamed and recognition due some very brave men was subordinated to the politics of the moment.

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