September 24th, brought to a close the 45th Transportation Battalion and gave birth to the th Combat Aviation Battalion. With the redesignation of the 45th a new chapter in aviation history began. Kenneth D. Mertel, became the first Commander of the th Combat Aviation Battalion and continued the "Old Warriors" proud history.

The new th retained the slogan earned by the 45th, "First In Vietnam". The units of the th continued their mission of supporting the South Vietnamese Units and working out airmobile tactics that would be the basis for all airmobile operations through out the war.

Mertel turned over command of the th to LTC. Charles M. Grandelli on the 29th of November After the riots and 120th Aviation Company Vietnam of the Dien government in November the news media started to notice the Vietnam War. Under the command of LTC.

Grandelli the largest heliborne assault operation ever executed by US Forces in support of ARVN troops took place on the 17th and 18th of January Grandelli carried on the very fine traditions 120th Aviation Company Vietnam the th untill the 30th of March when he turned over command to LTC. John C. Hughes turned over command to LTC. Robert K. Shortly there after in August of the UTT was redesignated the 68th Aviation Company, this was just a name change the personnel, equipment and mission remained the same.

March of brought about many changes in the th. With the addition of the two new units the th was larger then ever before.

As with many units that arrived before and after this one many of the personnel from other units of the th and the new unit would be exchanged. The reason for this was to bring experienced personnel to the new unit and to help break up Quiche Company DEROS dates.

This also served to unite the units of the th into one fighting unit. Distinguished Unit Citation were awarded to the th C. Cunningham turned over command of the th to LTC. Honour Jr. As it would turn out LTC. Cunningham would be the longest th Battalion Commander in Vietnam, serving as Battalion Commander for 11 months and 2 days.

And LTC. Honour would be the only Battalion Commander to be Killed in Action with the th. In August of the th Aviation Company would be transferred 120th Aviation Company Vietnam the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion not to be returned untill November of brought about another award for the th C.

He died in action while serving with the th Aviation Company, may he rest in peace. November also Eagle Transportation Company the return of the 68th Aviation Company to the Battalion. Although the 68th got its name from the other 68th that Yoga Company Logos with the Battalion, this 68th was a brand new unit.

The new 68th worked hard to up hold the image of the other 68th it was named after, after a short time the members of the other 68th th began to accept the new unit.

Army Aviation 100th - 169th

Units Assigned to the 165th CAG were: 125th Aviation Company (ATC) at Bien Hoa, 120th AHC at Long Binh/Saigon, the Command Aircraft Company equipped with U-21s at Plantation, and 36 x Aviation Detachments operating Army airfields at 36 locations in the RVN.…


VIETNAM WAR BE PATCH, US 120th AVIATION COMPANY " THE RAZORBACKS " - $12.98. THIS ITEM MEASURES 3.4 IN X 3.75 IN.The 120th AHC was activated in June 1963 from the 57th Transportation Company (helicopters) which arrived in Vietnam in December 1961 as one of the first two helicopter companies in country. The Razorback’s were a nocturnal platoon responsible for the ……