Companyin military service, the smallest body of troops that functions as a complete administrative and tactical unit.

It is usually commanded by a captainwho discharges the Xact Company responsibilities for training, disciplineand providing for the welfare of the personnel.

In medieval armies the term company referred loosely to the body of men accompanying a lord or knight into the field. As the organization of European armies developed, individual companies were brought together in larger 1 Company Police Means formations and eventually became subdivisions of brigades or regiments. By the 18th century, Prussian regiments included 12 companies, organized into two battalions. British and early U. During World War I all armies experimented with the tactical use of supporting weapons in infantry companies, but such weapons were generally too heavy to be carried by foot soldiers.

Not until World War IIwhen lighter machine gunsmortarsand antitank weapons had been developed, did crew-served weapons become a normal part of the infantry rifle company. In the U. Army the rifle company in had a strength of 6 officers and men and was composed of a company headquarters, three Fairbanks Mortgage Company platoons of three squads each, and a weapons platoon in which were placed light, crew-served weapons for close-fire support.

Although some modifications in personnel and weapons took place after World War II, the structure of the rifle company remained basically the same through several U. Army reorganizations that drastically altered the size, compositionand even the names of other types of units. Rifle companies of other nations are similarly organized. Companies in modern armies vary widely in size and equipment, usually being built around a function or mission e.

One characteristic all companies have 1 Company Police Means common, however, is basic administrative unity so that they can be absorbed as required into larger military formations, such as the battalion.

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The function of administration is introduced at this level, in the form of a headquarters platoon administered by a sergeant and containing supply, maintenance, or other sections. Captaina rank in the military and maritime service, and the highest-ranking company officer. Knightnow a title of honour bestowed for a variety of services, but originally in the European Middle Ages a 1 Company Police Means professed cavalryman.

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Apr 09, 2008 · Company - 62 to 190 soldiers. Three to five platoons form a company, which is commanded by a captain with a first sergeant as the commander's principle NCO assistant. An artillery unit of equivalent size is called a battery, and a comparable armored or air cavalry unit is called a troop. Battalion - 300 to 1,000 soldiers.…

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pla·toon (plə-to͞on′) n. 1. A subdivision of a company of troops consisting of two or more squads or sections and usually commanded by a lieutenant. 2. A group of people working, traveling, or assembled together: a platoon of firefighters; buses carrying platoons of tourists. 3. Sports A group of players within a team, especially a football team ...…